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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Quickie update

I'm recovering quite nicely from my cold, and was (just about) fit enough to go to work yesterday, so I did. Unfortunately I wasn't quite as fit for work as I'd thought and was absolutely shattered when I got home, so I decided that a quick snooze would be in order.

Skip forward almost 3 hours. Yes, I slept for 3 hours on the sofa, leaving not much time for doing any painting. I did manage to "whitewash" all 120 horses, but not to do the brown-wash step.

Tonight I have my second club tournament match against Seb's Qin Chinese - hopefully the result won't be as disastrous as it was against Gordon's Classical Indians!

AAR with pics tomorrow, if you're lucky.


  1. Qin chinese? That'll be a tough game. Hope you're feeling better and at your best.


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