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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Challenge Day 57 - NSL Almost Finished

Yup, that's right. They are almost finished. The bases have had texture mix added, which will be drying out overnight.

Tomorrow will see any loose sand and grit gently brushed off, then a sealing coat of PVA (with some ink mixed in) followed by dry-brushing and flocking. That's going to be a busy afternoon and evening, but well worth it for the points bomb.

Since finishing the basing I've been working on prepping the Wars of the Roses stuff. Over the past two lunchtimes I have been busy removing all the bits from the sprues of 4 packs from the Perrys - 2 of the WotR infantry, 1 of European mercenaries and 1 of foot knights.

Now I'm in the process of cleaning up the bits I'll need tomorrow for assembling a bunch of retinue longbowmen and billmen. I should be able to do the assembly tomorrow afternoon while the PVA sealing coat on the NSL bases dries. After that, they'll get primed at some point in the evening.

There was a part of me that had hoped to get a bunch assembled and primed today, ready for a very quick painting session tomorrow, but I think that was very, very optimistic


  1. Good grief you had another gear!!!


  2. What rules do you intend using the NSL with? Also, I'm intrigued by the hex-shaped bases. A friend of mine in basing figures on hex bases as characters for Traveller.

  3. They look great...And I was madly tallying up the points to see what I have to contend with! Have you tried Tomorrow's War? How does it compare to Gruntz (which I also haven't played)?

  4. @ Ian - I certainly did. I'm now hoping to find still another gear this week to win the side-bet with Alan ;)

    @ David - we're playing Gruntz; 20mm hexes are for squad attachments; 30mm for specialists; 40mm for heavy weapons and the grave bikes. The command teams are on 40mm octagons. It makes for easy recognition at a glance.
    We've found that the rules play quite nicely and are very easy to pick up.

    @ Millsy - yup, nearly there :)

    @ Dux - thanks! I'm trying to guess how many points you'll have painted up this week for Monday to see if I can blast out some more figures before you hit 1500 ;)
    Tomorrow's War is good for platoon-ish level games; Gruntz is good for company size games, possibly battalion level if you have several players on each side


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