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Friday, 16 January 2015

Challenge Day 43 - No WIP Pics Today

Mainly because I haven't done any painting yet this evening.

However, there are some pics as I did splash some cash yesterday after work. I started off at Foyles on Charing Cross Road. I was looking for some books on the Prohibition era, but I'll be damned if I could find the American History shelves. So, I hit the Osprey shelves instead.

That was followed by a quick trip to Orcs Nest for some bases and a blue D10. Why a blue D10 you ask? Well, that's what I need for King of the Battlefield. OK, so I could use another colour (apart from red or white), but the simple rule of gaming is "you can never have enough dice".

From there it was a short walk to the London Graphics Centre shop just north of Covent Garden. I was only after the two brushes (1/8" flat/one-stroke and angled). However, I thought I'd take a look around and ended up getting the lamp (for when I'm painting away from home and for help with taking pics away from my workbench) and some bits for use with my airbrush. Now I just need to get myself a spray-booth so I can start using it. And some airbrush paints as well.

I will be doing some painting later on, but it doesn't look good for me finishing the ACW figures in time for tomorrow's posting slot. Oh well.


  1. Tamsin, that's a cracking haul, and I especially like the lamp. I too have taken some time away from the table so won't be submitting anything this weekend - going to have some games instead :-)

  2. You won't regret the purchase of the lamp. I picked up the same one a year or so back and its been worth every penny.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Now that lamp looks interesting, especially as you say for photography. I missed you picking up an airbrush, wonderful things, I certainly love tinkering with mine although not bothered with a booth - it is after all just air and provided you point the thing in the right direction a sheet of newspaper will suffice.

  4. Lion Rampant is a nice, casual way to push figures about. It gives me a good excuse to let all those fantasy figures air out a bit after a decade in boxes.

  5. Nice score, shame about the ACW as was looking forward to seeing them.

    No matter, means you can show off the whole army next week :-)


  6. @ Blax - games? During the Challenge? That's just not on and I will instruct Curt to deduct 0.00001 points from your total for every game you play! ;)
    The lamp s quite handy, but a tad expensive, although it will probably be well worth it in the long run. It may even replace my current one on the paint table as it has a much smaller footprint.

    @ Ross - it's already seen use today, providing some top-lighting when I took some pics away from my workbench.

    @ Michael A - I bought the airbrush back in May/June but never got around to accessorising. I'm thinking that it might get used for painting the spaceships as its debut :)
    As for the spray booth, although acrylics don't produce any solvent fumes, they do produce coloured dust. I've seen an autopsy pic of some multi-coloured lungs and don't want to have those.

    @ Mikko - it certainly looks like it will make for a fun, quick to play "beer & pretzels" game.

    @ Ian - cheers. It is a shame, but as you say it just leaves all the more for next Saturday :)

  7. I hope you like Lion Rampant, Tasmin. I think it's a fun set with not much of a "buy-in" requirement. I'm reminded that I need some brushes too.

  8. Very nice shopping. Many a useful item and more dice is good.


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