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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Challenge Day 38 - Cop Cars WIP

I've spent about 3-4 hours on these today, painting at a relaxed pace. I've taken them as far as I can for now - I can't really do any more until the crew figures are painted and glued into their seats. The only thing I might do, is the lights. However, I'm not sure what colours to use yet. I was thinking a pale yellow mixed with metallic medium for the headlights, and red mixed with metallic for the brake lights on the car.

Tomorrow evening will see me start work on the cops themselves. I'll be posting the last four musketeer regiments tomorrow, so I won't be posting any WIP pics.


  1. I am thinking of starting gangsters this year. What have you found to be the best make of toy car for them in 28mm?

    I would have painted them so much darker, but I would have been wrong looking at these two vehicles. Nice job on these ands I do so look forward to seeing the drivers.

  2. They look lovely! The one on the left brought to memory the Keystone Cops movies..:)

  3. They look great Tamsin! Now I wonder if anyone makes a figure that can stand on the running board whilst firing his pistol....

  4. They look great - a really good job.

  5. @ Clint - I'd say it depends on which makes of figures you are using. The Matchbox cars work well with Blue Moon, Dixon, Copplestone and Pulp Figures; the Lledo cars are a bit smaller and would probably work well with Steve Barber and Brigade Games

    @ Michael A - cheers :)

    @ RMacedo - thank you. I see what you mean :)

    @ Terry - no cop figures I can see which would do the trick. Dixon or Blue Moon have gangster figures which might work.

    @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - hopefully they'll look even better when they are finished :)

  6. These look superb, but I'm surprised by the blue coachwork too, looking forward to seeing them crewed though.
    Very impreesed you've got all your russians done, but then again you're a paint-a-holic !

    1. The blue isn't that bright in real life. It seems to be a lighting/camera effect.


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