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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Challenge Day 31 - Blame It On The Bellboy

..it's probably his fault anyway, the stupid boy!

These were posted yesterday and people seem to have liked them. They netted me 10 points in the Challenge, which wasn't bad for an afternoon's work.

Arthur Williamson, Head Doorman of L'Hotel Vosay:

Francisco "Frankie" Sarissa, Head Boy at L'Hotel Vosay

I have written back stories for this pair on the Challenge blog, so you can see the post there for that.

I also had two Russian SYW musketeer regiments posted yesterday. I'll post them here tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Current Workbench Pic:

I've made excellent progress on the next two musketeer regiments. At this rate I should finish painting them tomorrow, meaning I'll be able to start on the last two much earlier than I originally expected. Three of the figures had lost their bayonets so I've drilled into the musket barrels and inserted short lengths of 0.5mm wire.

I also finished priming and assembling the squad car for the Salutesville Police Department.

You might recall that I lost one of the headlamps yesterday. I found it today stuck to a side-seam of a pocket of my tracksuit trousers. Oh well, I'll have a spare if I ever buy another of these Blue Moon vehicles.


  1. Good work on the bell hop and doormen.

  2. Love L'Hotel Vosay staff; you're output is amazing.

  3. Great looking character figs, Tasmin!

  4. Great work on the hotel staff.

  5. Looking promising, I have four lots ready for tomorrow (cue manic laughter)


  6. Great fun miniatures Tamsin. lovely job.

  7. They look a bit like an old version of the Marriott "Red Coats" I like them.

  8. @ Commisarmoody - glad you like them! :)

    @ Zabadak - cheers! :)

    @ DeanM - thanks! :)

    @ Hobbyworker - thank you! :)

    @ Ian - but will they be enough to stop me retaking the lead on Saturday? ;)

    @ Michael A - I think I enjoyed painting them as much as you guys enjoyed seeing them :)

    @ Adam - really? I was originally tempted to go for a grey-ish uniform, like Sting's in Quadrophenia ;)

  9. Yeah the long one in particular looks a bit like the winter coats the Red Coats who work at the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston wear.


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