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Friday, 9 January 2015

Challenge Day 36 - Final Russians Almost Done

It's looking very good right now. I slept better last night and felt almost human today. I also managed to finish the flags and give the figures their matt varnish coat (and the flags their first coat of satin varnish). This morning the flags got a second coat of satin varnish.

This evening they were ready for basing, so off the sticks they popped and (with dabs of superglue) onto the bases they went.

4 regiments ready for basing gunk to be added.
I've just finished adding gunk to the bases. That will be dry by the morning, so tomorrow will see them dry-brushed, flocked, photographed and the post submitted.

The big question now is what to work on next. Do I do the cops and their vehicles or do I go for galactic conquest and paint the ESU space fleet? Or maybe some colateral damage civilians for Salutesville?


  1. Great effort Tamsin! I vote for the ESU myself, being partial to such gaming, but go with what you lean towards!

  2. While I would like to get our side challenge underway. I would prefer to see some coppers. So summing up either option suits me. Just do something you will enjoy.

  3. Lovely work Tamsin, keep away from them space thingymajigs, get some proper stuff done instead! he he!

  4. Much respect for finishing these so quickly. I'm laughing ( in a good way) as you've finished another 72 figures in the time I've splashed 2 colours on a dozen infantry. What rules are these based for - 30mm frontage with 6 inf / 3 cav to a base?

    1. Just spotted that I hadn't replied to your rules question. they are based for King of the Battlefield, which were written by a member of our club.

  5. They look great - what ever you decide to go with I'm sure they'll be upto your usual fine standard.

  6. Glad your feeling better, that's quite a lot to drop this week so looking forward to seeing them done.

    Cops and civvies is my vote


  7. @ Chasseur - cheers. You'll soon find out what I've decided to go with :)

    @ Clint - I'm glad you're happy either way :)

    @ Ray - space ships are proper thingummys :)

    @ Tom - I do have a rep for fast painting of units like these :)

    @ Dannoc - glad you like the Russkis :)

    @ Ian - cheers. You may or may not be happy with my choice - you'll just have to wait and see :)

  8. Having too many projects sounds like a fun problem. Glad you're feeling more human today.

  9. The look fantastic!


  10. Those look good. Especially all ranked up on the table.


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