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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Challenge Day 53 - NSL WIP

After posting last night I managed to take the commanders, heavy weapons and fan bikes a bit further than expected. The weapons got their Luftwaffe Uniform basecoat and the helmetless officers had their hair colour done. And then I managed to get the strong tone wash done.

This evening I've been working on the specialists and squad attachments. So far I've got the two green basecoats done. If I'm lucky, I should manage to get the weapon basecoats and the strong tone wash done as well.

I took the squads of grunts into work today and did the lighter green (Feldgrau) base coat on all of them.

I'll be taking them into work again tomorrow, with the aim of doing the other green and the weapon basecoats during lunch break. I'll also be working on them at home in the evening. If I push fairly hard (OK, late!) I might just manage to get them all to the strong tone wash stage. I'll be doing them in batches of 6 bases (24 figures). That way, if I don't get them all done tomorrow, I can finish the rest on Wednesday at work.

That leaves Wednesday evening for doing the detailing (visors, drum colours, missile tips etc). I'll start with the non-grunts, then the grunts. I can take any that haven't been finished into work with me on Thursday and Friday. On Friday evening I'll be adding the basing texture. They should all be done for submission on Saturday.

Why not Thursday evening? Well I've arranged a game of Gruntz with Simon. We'll be doing the bug hunt which was postponed due to my insomnia the other week.

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  1. That's a lot of pushing to get them done. I am also out of the ring on Thursday due to playing a game so no worries of me stealing the march.

    I'm also about to start falling off as I am running short of prepped figures and will be doing a lot of 6mm at the back end of the challenge



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