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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Challenge Day 41 - Cops WIP #2

Remember that I said "No new armies"? Well, I've stuck to that (it is early days!). However, I never said "no new shinies" and I have placed an order this evening for some figures from Hasslefree. One of the figures will be my Curtgelb; the rest will be for myself and for my 3rd Blogday giveaway - I hadn't forgotten that event. The giveaway will be announced when the figures arrive.

I've done a little bit of work this evening on the cops, making a start on the flesh. I'll finish that off shortly and then do the hair and some tidying-up of the uniforms. After that I'll do the leather equipment (including cap peaks) and metals. If I have time, I'll do the final steps on the basing. Tomorrow I'll be able to do the varnishing and finish off the vehicles.

Just so you know, I'm only painting the eyes of the Captain


  1. Well, the Captain earns the bigger wage... he´ll have to see for the lot of them! :) Nice work, I´m curious about the final result :)

  2. It's difficult to resist shinies in January - I find that they just help to cheer the place up.

  3. Eyes? eyes? who does eyes?? Great looking coppers Tamsin, Is the figure bottom right got a machine gun??

  4. Cope with heavy power ! Looking god so far and if you hadn't said you still had things to do on them then I 'd have said they were finished.


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