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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Challenge Day 34 - Getting There

Ugh! Back to work today so much, much less time (and energy) for painting. It's lucky that I'm well ahead of schedule for my target, as I foresee things slowing down a lot over the next few weeks.

I have made some decent progress on the last two musketeer regiments. They now all have hair and the musketeers have moustaches (the officers and drummers disdain this fashion for slug balancing). All the metalwork has been painted and I've made a start on the white bits. I should finish that before the end of the night.

However, it does mean that I'll be cutting it very close for finishing them in time for submission on Saturday. The fact that I'll be out gaming tomorrow (another Gruntz game - Marines vs bugs) doesn't help as I'm not likely to get home from the club in time to do much.

That leaves Friday evening to do all the touch-ups, flag painting, varnishing and basing, with dry-brushing and flocking of the bases to be done on Saturday.

Very tight. I think my best bet is to add the basing gunk for the other two regiments tomorrow when I get home and start the touching-up if I do have any time.


  1. Looking good Tamsin! Don't worry about the deadline, there's always next Saturday??

  2. Your speed is very impressive. Take the pressure of miss this Saturday deadline and put a bigger one in the following week. So you may drop a place or two in the challenge for a week. But only for a week so who cares.

  3. Although I've been bombing along I've decided to slow down and paint them better. It is better to submit 2 points bombs in 3 weeks than rush to finish and not be delighted with your work. Your work is too good to do that


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