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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Challenge Day 30 - Current WIPs

The two musketeer regiments did get finished today and have been submitted but not yet (at the time of writing) posted. However, a couple of additions to the denizens of Salutesville which I painted up quickly after finishing the grenadiers have been posted. So, for a few hours at least, Ian will still have a lead over me.

But onto the current WIPs. I've started work on the next two musketeer regiments. I've decided to amend the order in which I paint the colours, based on my experience painting the previous two batches. Hopefully it will save on the time I was taking with touching up the figures at the end.

I've also started putting together a second vehicle for the Salutesville Police Department. Unfortunately the metal headlamps are rather fiddly to glue on and one of them slipped and has ended up on the floor somewhere. Having searched unsuccessfully for it, I resorted to making a replacement with green stuff. I might eventually add a limo for the Chief of Police. On top of the empty dice container are 4 Police crew figures to go in the vehicles.

I've started priming them and will finish doing so in the morning and complete the vehicle assembly. I'm leaving the roofs off the vehicles for now so that the interiors can be painted.

The next few days will see me continue with the Russians. I hope to complete these two regiments and make a start on the last two before I return to work.


  1. I just looked at the Challenge blog and that entry is fantastic. So much fun and that back story you wrote is cool!

  2. Those musketeers are very nicely painted - well done.

  3. Good going. As for the lamp, I discovered the quickest way to find a lost object is to replace it. :-/


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