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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Challenge Day 54 - NSL Power Armour Troops

Almost unbelievably, I have managed to get the remaining 72 panzer grenadiers to the stage where they have had their strong tone wash. That means I have got tomorrow lunchtime and evening - plus Thursday and Friday lunchtimes if needed - to get the detailing done. That leaves Friday evening for adding the basing bits and Saturday afternoon to do the dry-brushing and flocking. Things are looking good for a major points bomb this weekend, which is much needed after all of Alan's entries today (I'm currently sitting 101 points behind him on the table).

So, here's a quick pic of the lot of them: 

NSL Strom Gepanzerte Sturmtruppen

The first of my two submissions on Saturday were this bunch of NSL power armour troops. There are 42 of them in total, with the bulk multi-based for Gruntz.

Commander and sub-commanders:

Missile specialists:

"Grunt" squads with plasma guns:

"Grunt" squads with SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons):

Simon and I have agreed on multi-basing for Gruntz as it makes it easier to do larger games. Yes, we are both megalomaniacs. Each multi-base represents a squad of 6 power armour troops, 2 of whom will have SAWs or plasma guns.


  1. Looking good for another leap in points.

    The first group look great so looking forward to the second lot


  2. You are a true painting machine, if you don´t mind me saying so! I am truly amazed at the speed you paint so many figs, in so many ranges and different scales and with so much quality. Wow!!! Cheers! :D

  3. Great stuff Tamsin. I thought Curt's comment about the comms thingys being a target was funny. Always an inspiration.

  4. I love a good points bomb. You're well on track with this one mate!

  5. There realy is no stopping you this year Tamsin!

  6. I'm impressed as usual and I like the bases - nicely done.

  7. @ Ian - thanks! You'll see the next batch finished on Saturday and it will put me in very easy striking distance of 1500 points. I think that Saturday and Sunday might be mad painting days to get there ahead of Alan! :)

    @ RMacedo - why do people keep calling me a machine? I'm beginning to get paranoid - maybe I'm a replicant and don't know it? ;)
    My output is largely down to not having any household distractions (partner, kids, pets...) which means I have plenty of undisturbed time in the evenings for painting :)

    @ Sean - that's why there are 3 of them; if one goes down the other 2 can take over ;)

    @ Millsy - it's not as big a points bomb as some people have done in this Challenge, nor as big as some of the ones I've done in past Challenges, but it's going to be a cracker when it hits the ether on Saturday :)

    @ Michael - it seems that way :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

  8. Very nice looking force to storm the points barricade. Sounds like you will be hitting out the park again next post. cheers

  9. Looking Good Tamsin! I can imagine the lasers and bullets flicker back and forth between them and there enemies as they slowly stroll across the battlefield!

  10. @ Brendon - cheers! They aren't enough to hit 1500 points, but they put me close enough to make Alan sweat :)

    @ Simon - thanks! It will be mostly bullets as there are only 8 with lasers or plasma rifles :)


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