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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Challenge Day 45 - Some WIPs

The cops were posted yesterday!

I finished painting the 6mm ACW last night, varnished them and glued them onto their bases. Today I've been doing the basing using Ian's method. I switched the Sandtex "bitter chocolate" for B&Q "Cocoa". With hindsight, I might have pooled the paint too thickly and I also might have left the base covered with sand for too long before tapping off the excess - it took a very long time for them to dry to the point where I could dry-brush the texture. After I've posted this I'll be flocking the bases and adding the flags.

While the bases were drying, I took the opportunity to do some other things. Firstly some essential brush cleaning. Then I sorted out my 15mm NSL panzer grenadiers and glued them onto bases. As the ACW bases still weren't dry I decided to assemble and base the 15mm NSL power armour troops as well. Very fiddly, resulting in much swearing and sticking-together of fingers.

Simon and I have opted to use multi-figure basing for Gruntz as it speeds up play with larger forces. Basic grunt squads are on rectangular bases; squad attachments (other than SAWs) are on 20mm hexes; specialists are on 30mm hexes; heavy weapons and small vehicles are on 40mm hexes; leaders are on 40mm octagons.

Panzer grenadier squads; squad attachments and leaders

More panzer grenadiers and specialists

Heavy weapons; fan bikes; more specialists

The power armour troops

So, this week I will be priming these before moving on to painting some more ACW up. I'll be sticking with the Union for the moment. One thing I will need to do is to order some more flag sheets from Baccus.


  1. In Arnold´s immortal words: "I´ll be back!" - I´m really looking forward to see the final result! :D

  2. That's a lot of points in waiting for the 15mm

    I just pour the sand on and tip off straight away so that the paint seeps through turning the base more brown and I think that would speed up drying time. I usually leave overnight but if done in the morning is ready to drybrush the sand that evening


  3. They are looking good. I will re-paint and re-base my ACW after the challenge thanks to you.

    Re Gangsters: I will probably go 20mm elheim figures.

  4. Lovely work on the ACW and look at all those shinies!


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