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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Challenge Day 55 - Smurfs

Quick WIP update on the NSL panzer grenadiers:

All the detailing is done! That just leaves varnishing and basing for a truly massive (well, compared to my other entries this year) points bomb on Saturday. I should get the matt varnishing done tonight; I'll put gloss varnish on the visors tomorrow when I get home from the club.

6mm ACW Union Infantry

My twelfth entry this year comprised 8 bases of 6mm ACW Union infantry, each base with 24 figures in line and 4 skirmishers out ahead. These netted me 112 points. All figures and the flags are from Baccus 6mm.

These were painted in two batches, so there are slight differences as I was re-learning how to paint in 6mm. Also, the last time I painted 6mm ACW I was using Revell AquaColor paints but have since switched to Vallejo.

First Batch:

Second Batch:

For those who want to know the paints used:

Jacket and kepis - Intense Blue
Trousers - Deep Sky Blue
Hats, belts, cartridge pouches etc - Black
Flesh - Flat Flesh
Wood - Flat Earth
Hair - German Camo Medium Brown
Bread bag - Stone Grey
Canteen cover - Pale Blue
Bread bag strap and drum skin - Off White
Drum - Intense Blue, Vermillion
Musket barrel - Natural Steel
Belt buckles, cap badges, flagstaff finials - Gold


  1. Those ACW troops look good on those bases. What rules will you use with them?

  2. Thats an impressive rate of effort in the last few days - watch out Alan!

    I REALLY love your 6mm troops. While I am not an ACW gamer, what really stands out is your figure arrangement and basing. Your use of extra large bases to enable dioramic positioning really gives them a very dynamic feel. Really inspiring stuff for our 6mm ECW WIP. I have a mate who does something similar in Napoleonics and mixes up his units in lines and Columns. In massed deployment they look fantastic:


    Loving the progress updates - keep 'em coming!

  3. Apart from the brilliant painting I am flabbergasted at the shear amount of output you manage to produce. You must be one mean painting machine! Thanks for sharing all these goodies with us all.

  4. That really is something special Tamsin, the 'paints bomb' alone is awesome, but the Union troops look great.

  5. "Rachael" wouldn´t do more, or better, if she could paint - which I doubt! You are an amazing artist, Tamsin, thanks for sharing your art! :D Cheers!

  6. I quite like your little Yankees, Tamsin. I wouldn't use such a bright blue on larger scale figures but at 6mm it certainly pops. I also like how you've mixed a few black Hardee hats into the mix and added skirmishers. What rules will you use for them?

  7. @ desert Scribe - cheers! Probably Polemos, but open to others. I haven't really looked around to see what else there is that I can use this basing with.

    @ Paul - he's probably sweating in fear of losing the side bet as I type! ;)
    The basing format I've used seems to be pretty standard, and really works well on 60x60 bases. I'm glad if it's inspired you for your ECW armies.

    @ Sander - thanks but why, oh why do people keep insisting that I'm a machine? I'm real flesh and blood! :)
    As for my prolific output, I'm happy to impress even though I'm nowhere near being in the same league as Dave and Millsy :)

    @ Michael A - thanks!
    I'm having a lot of fun painting up the NSL; the ACW less so, but they need to be done as they have been sitting in their primer since before the last Challenge :)

    @ RMacedo - thank you :)

    @ Michael P - I think with smaller scales that you have to use brighter hues for them to look "right". I reckon that I've nailed it with these. Baccus supply the figures for kepi-wearing troops with one hat per strip of 4 figures.
    I'll probably be using the Polemos rules, although I haven't really looked at alternatives.

    1. Rules wise these look interesting but I haven't played them



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