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Monday, 14 June 2021

Podcast #81 - The Coming Out Stories Episode

 In a slightly astonishing turn of events, I'm posting the link for the latest podcast episode within a couple of days of it being published.

The "So, what have you painted since the last episode" discussion takes a detour this week into our stories of coming out at work as, errmm, wargamers. Which turned out to be quite handy as only a few of the less-than-magnificent seven had actually painted much worth talking about.

In this episode:

  • Jokes about my herbal highs continue
  • Timmy reveals that dodgy geezers offering you dodgy goods at Watford Gap services is still a thing
  • The great debate of Cottage Pie vs Pizza as appropriate wargaming food
  • "I'm Sorry, I Think You're An Arse" makes a welcome (Are you sure? Ed.) return
  • Andy's Quiz


  1. Hurrah, I quite look forward to these pods!

    1. That's just living up to the "Mad" part of your handle! ;)