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Monday, 21 May 2012

WIP: Old Glory Cuirassiers #5

"Hang on a second - why is there no wall of text before pictures?"

And now, demonstrating their expertise in close order drill:

Whoda thunk it? This mercenary rabble are in fact very well trained formation horsemen!

And here's a big close-up pic for you:

Yup, I got ahead of where I said I'd be when I posted last night. I cracked on and did the remaining bits of paintwork and the Klear/ink before going to bed. This morning I stuck them on bases and adding the texture gel before going to work. This evening I painted the texture gel with Flat Earth 983, dry-brushed it with Revell "Afrika Brown", added tufts then added some Noch "Meadow Grass". All they need now is a coat of matt spray varnish and they're finished. I'll do that in the morning.

I think my next side-project will be to do myself a nice baseboard for photography of finished units.

Space Demons:

I had a chance this morning to touch up the metallic black on the King. I've just done some test washes with different colours on a few of the figures to see which works best. I'm not sure that any of them do, but we'll see how they look when the washes have dried.


  1. They have turned out fantastic! Really nice unit

  2. Perfectly drilled! I'm sure they must have been at the Queen's Jubilee Parade! :-) Nice figures.

  3. Fantastic!! Really like the look of these. Great work Tamsin.

  4. Looks pritty but can they fight? LOL

    Really like the stripped Ensigns pole, your cracking on all right


  5. Great work there and I love the camera work of making the cavalry move

  6. Thanks for all the comments peeps! They have now been matt-sprayed - I'm thinking of doing a brush coat of satin varnish on the armour