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Friday, 18 May 2012

I Hate It When....

....I forget to take my camera. In other words, no pics of tonight's game :(

This was certainly an interesting experience for me - running an all foot army. It was also useful for helping me decide on the army list I'll use for the club tournament.

The main thing I have learnt is that two armies of mostly heavy foot take an absolute age to come to blows. I must admit that despite the snail's pace, it was handy having all my troops "drilled" as it meant manoeuvring was much easier. Oh, and that superior pike and heavy weapon units rock!

Having won the initiative and got nice, mountainous terrain (although with the terrain pieces not necessarily where I wanted them) the dice gods kept poohing on me from a great height just when I didn't want it. However, at other times they rolled high just when (and where) I wanted them to.

When we realised what the time was, I had actually lost a couple more units than Gordon, but we worked out that if we'd played on I'd have taken out of his and it would have been a draw.

I did do a little bit more work last night and this morning - I suddenly realised that I didn't have a medieval camp made up. I quickly cleaned up the medieval pavilion I'd bought recently from Magister Militum, glued it to a base and gave the rest of the base a thin coat of Reeves Coarse Texture Gel. Once the glue and gel had dried, the tent was primed white, the base was given a coat of Flat Earth 983, then just before I went to bed I gave the pavilion a second coat of White 951.

This morning I did the colours - tent panels alternating Flat Yellow 953 and Intense Blue 925 with the door frames and post tops painted with Scarlet 817.

There is still some work to do on the pavilion - some tidying up on the yellow panels, painting the recessed wooden doors, lining the joins between panels, washing and highlighting. And the base will need to be dry-brushed and flocked. I'll keep this one quite simple I think.


  1. At least you won the first part :)

  2. Why is it that the DIce Gods always pooh on one [at least they didn't piglet! ;-)], and never on one's opponent? At least you had some rolls that balanced it out.

  3. Its even worse when you remember the camera, but then find out that the battery is dead!

  4. A draw is better than a loss and it was nice to see it...oh no we didn't:D

  5. tatata.
    Tamsin, next time, camera first, then army second ;)

  6. As Fran said, a draw is better than a loss. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the camp, please!!!

  7. ok well we forget all forget things sometimes... I forgot the name of the parents of the girl I'm taking to the school ball (gulp).