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Saturday, 19 May 2012

WIP: Medieval Camp #1

Ooops - meant to post last night but forgot. Never mind, here it is now.

It's just as well that this is essentially just a temporary camp. Last night I decided to do an ink wash (Magic Color "Earth Brown") and it went horribly wrong, which took me an age to clean up. Once I have my 3 games in the club tournament out of the way (NB - could be more games if I somehow do well enough to go through to the 2nd round), the pavilion will go into the pine disinfectant to strip the paint off and I will start again from scratch (not making the mistake of gluing it in the middle of a 80x120mm base.

The permanent camp for my eventual medieval army(ies) will have more than just the one pavilion. I'm actually considering mounting camp parts on separate smaller magnetic bases, which can then be combined together to make a full size camp by sticking them onto a 80x120mm steel base. This will make them much easier to transport.

Piccy time!

This afternoon and evening I will be doing some more work on:
the Old Glory 30YW cuirassiers
the 24 Sarmatian "Other Cavalry"
a second post for today....


  1. That looks pretty cool Tamsin. Very nice work.

  2. Nice tent, I like the choice of colours.
    pity it´s 15mm..try finding decent medieval tents like that in 1/72nd!!!!!

    1. This is no problem for you Paul, just scratch build them ;-)

    2. cool tent tamsin

      oh and paul you mage a nice tutorial for 20mm tents. as you may recall I have used it myself

  3. @ Paul - there are a few here in 25mm: http://www.magistermilitum.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=1415&strPageHistory=cat

    They might be a little bit large for 1:72 but should be OK - the 15mm pavilion seems a little bit small compared to figures.

  4. Cool tent indeed, and like Paul says, good choice of colors.

  5. Love the bright, crisp colours - not sure if I would be brave enough to try that!

  6. Looks very cheery and aristocratic.

  7. I really cant see what is wrong with the tent it looks very nice.

  8. Very nice and colourful!!!!!

  9. Like the colours - very Swedish!

  10. @ Paul otMC - I like to be daring!

    @ PanzerKaput - some of the brown "seams" have spilled over onto the panels and other seams lost their brown ink, and the ink wash was too dark which left nasty, difficult to clean up stains that I had to paint over. When I eventually redo it I will do the seaming first, dry-brush the yellow onto the panels, then carefully do the blue

    @ Kingsleypark - Hmmmm, you could be onto something there. Oh well, Swiss, Swedish - both have "Sw" and "is" and liked beating up the Imperialists back in the medieval/Renaissance period ;)