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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just In Case....

....I get home too late to bother posting tonight, I though I'd do a quick post before leaving work.

WIP: 30YW Blue Regiments of Foote

I managed to do the black undercoat and Oily Steel dry-brushing of the metallic parts last night. I've also sorted the paints I will be using for the rest of the painting.

After that, I went through the drawer with the 30YW minis waiting to be prepped and sorted them into regimental bags. I'm still a bit undecided how to approach doing them - in mixed brigades or as batches of a given troop type? I'm leaning towards the second approach as it will be easier to maintain consistency between regiments of a given type.

Gaming tonight:

I have another friendly 650pt medieval FoG game tonight as a pre-competition practice. I've revised my Swiss army list a little, and they will be facing Alan's German City League forces - a very historical match-up.

And that is why i might get home too late to bother posting.

Oh, and I have remembered my camera this time. Whether I'll remember to use it is an entirely different matter!


  1. TYW in 15mm? Uhmmmmm...I remember of a 28mm ECW army somewhere at home...I' ll have to paint it...

    Happy Wargaming.


  2. Have fun tonight and let us know how things went!

    This evening I'll have a nice little game of Black Powder... Maybe I'll remeber to take my camera as well.