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Sunday, 20 May 2012


....my fridge-freezer

After 16 years of faithful service, it passed away this afternoon or early evening.

Of course, this has meant me having to spend a couple of hours emptying and defrosting/cleaning it so I haven't got round to doing any painting. It also means that I will need to buy myself a replacement tomorrow and take a day off work during the week for when it is delivered (no car, so I can't just pick one up on the day).

On the gaming front....OK, on the "adding to my lead mountain" front....I am becoming sorely tempted to order my own medieval Swiss army. So far I'm managing to resist the urge - looking at all the stuff I already have waiting to be painted (the remaining Sarmatians, the Scythians, my 30YW army and buildings, tons of sci-fi ground forces [infantry and vehicles], 3 GZG sci-f fleets, 80% of a 6mm ACW starter pack from Baccus 6mm plus some terrain) does make me want to not add anything else right now.

The other big issue with the Swiss is painting them - do I do a lot of small forces from several cantons or a large force from one with a couple of smaller ones from others? Well, I'll have plenty of time to think about that as it will be ages before I'm ready to order another army....

....I hope!


  1. You never realise how useful something really is until you don't have it anymore. Not sure my household would function properly at all without a fridge-freezer so it would pretty well require instant replacement if ours died

  2. RIP Freezer!
    Sevral small forces from various cantons, it's just more colourful that way!

  3. In the afterlife it joins my hot water service, who passed away explosively this morning...

  4. RIP freezer. well maybe you can get a new energy saving one. you'll save money in the long run which... can be spent on models in the future, just an idea

  5. I am sorely tempted to do up a swiss army also.. but would probably go the uniformed look in the end.. both for making it faster to paint and just cause I like consistency in such projects..

    Sorry to hear about the freezer.. always sucks when such items bite the big one :(

  6. It must be fridge death time (Fridge Death, should be a Metal band), ours went a month or so ago, bless it.

    So no new shinnies until you cave in.

    Looking for the pics of the new stuff in a week or so then.


  7. I bet thats a right pain in the backside, both it packing up and also having to take a day off work. Paint the Full Thrust fleets.

  8. I think our fridge is going out in sympathy. Been beeping away all the time but seems to still be working, so I attacked it and removed its beeper. Looks like I will be buying a new one soon too.

  9. @ all - thanks for your sympathies - much appreciated.

    @ Kingsleypark - I could probably get away without one or with just a fridge right now (a small one at that), but in the longer term I'd need the freezer, so it's off to the retail park in an hour or so.

    @ Ray & Mr Lee - I might go with a pike or halberd unit from each canton, and then do the other units (light foot crossbows, light foot handgunners, mounted crossbows and light artillery) in the colours from just a couple of the cantons.
    Mind you, I could do Zurich, Zug and Lucerne (all blue-white) or Schwyz, Oberwalden (Niewalden and UnterWalden) and Solothurn (all red-white)....
    Then again, if I could do 6 (or 7) different cantons which would make it easier to more easily see which units my casualties are from....

    @ Paul otMC and Ian - my sympathies on your losses.

    @ PanzerKaput - the FT fleets will need a lot of prep-work - flash removal, drilling/pinning, assembly, adding magnetic connectors (I've bought some of the Ninja Magic ones)

  10. Last year, I stood and watched my wife clearing ice from the icebox of our then 2 yr old fridgefreezer with a breadknife. Something told me this was not quite right, what, I didn´t know..maybe she would slip and cut herself? I stood there like a rabbit transfixed by the headlights of a car trying to formulate what the problem could be and when she punctured one of the cooling ribs, releasing a jet of high pressure coolant ..I knew :-D
    Worse was..it was a friday..the bigshop had been done and the monday was a bank holiday!!!!! Paul

  11. OK, I am going to ask an incredibly dumb question which probably illustrates how much language (or appliance design) has diverged between the UK and North America but ... do they actually *make* refrigerators without freezers? At least big enough for a couple of ice trays or some frozen convenience food?

    1. Hi Lentulus.
      2 countries separated by a common language!
      Yes, they do make fridges with a small ice box/freezer compartment. They also make them without.
      A fridge freezer is a 2-door appliance - one half is a fridge, the other a freezer (both compartments typically 5-8 cu ft)