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Monday, 14 May 2012

WIP: Old Glory 30YW Cuirassiers #1

Sorry - pics from Campaign will have to wait. When I posted yesterday saying that Campaign had left me tired, well, that was an understatement. I was shattered but the adrenaline had disguised it. I was really drained today - just as well I had booked the day off work. Unfortunately it means that i haven't been able to face editing and organising the photos yet.

Besides, it is well over a week since I applied paint to any figures (with a brush anyway - spraying the space demons doesn't count) so it was time for me to get at least something done. Looking at my workbench, the obvious troops to crack on with are the 12 Old Glory 30 Years War cuirassiers that Seb gave me for my birthday. I din't want to do too much this evening (still knackered) so these were ideal.

What have I got done?

1. Black 950 undercoat on armour
2. White 951 undercoat on horses
The undercoats were thinned down quite a bit, but not quite to wash consistency.
3. Dry-brushed Gunmetal Grey 863 on armour
4. Taken some pics

I spotted as I was doing the dry-brushing that I'd missed the undercut of the armour at the back of some figures, so I had to go back and carefully apply some more black.

What's next?

I think the next stage will be to paint the horses using my normal technique. Mostly as bays, probably with the command on a grey, black and chestnut.


  1. Great work Tamsin, sometimes you just need a break!

  2. Are you not sick fed up at the sight of all those horses????

  3. @Kingsleypark - you'd think so, wouldn't you? Strangely I'm not, but that could be because it's actually a few weeks since I painted any horses. Besides, I've got a huge horde of 30YW foot coming up fast behind these onto the workbench

  4. good endurance. I wish I could be so strong, been about a 2 weeks since and major progress was made. maybe I'll get some done soon. but for now homework :-(

  5. Always impressed with your output Tamsin. If I could paint at half your speed I would be happy.

  6. Good progress Tamsin..even when you're knackered!

  7. I think they will look cool

  8. @ Rodger - I think that was about an hour's work all told last night, with a few breaks in between paints.

    @ Gowan - homework is important. You need to do well at school to get a job that pays enough to keep adding to your lead pile!

    @ Fran - luckily it was just easy stuff on a small number of figures.