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Saturday, 1 October 2022

Paint Table Saturday


I got distracted again and didn't do any painting yesterday. I have made up for it today as this batch is all but finished - I just need to drybrush the bases and paint the metal details. They'll be finished tomorrow.

For some reason, despite the range being "Late War", the medics and casualty seem to be in early war uniform. Ho, hum!

I've been 3D printing more "bitz" but I'd packed them away earlier on so didn't get to take any photos of them.


  1. Very bizarre on the uniforms, but you've done a great job on them Tamsin

  2. Up to your usual high standard, or should that be Liebstandarte?

    1. Thanks! That's an awful pun! :)

    2. Looks like he took the High Road on this, he could also have said it was a Gross Deutschland!...sorry, had to! As the war continued, the Germans had all sorts of uniforms of varying quality, so it could have been a case of some rear echelon clerk getting punted to the front, rifle in hand!