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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Challenge Day 42 - Paint Table Saturday #2

Aaaarrrrr! 'tis Paint Table Saturday again me hearties!

So, what is on Tamsin's paint table today?

156 x 15mm pirates from Rebel Minis. On the left are 3 packs of pirates with melee weapons, on the right are 4 packs with firearms.

So far I've painted the weapons, flesh and first 2 colours on every figure. To ensure that there is a lot of variety, I'm semi-randomising the colours I use at each stage for the clothing. The next step will be to paint hair, then I'll do shoes and boots, followed by painting the bases yellow ochre. I expect I'll manage to get those stages done tomorrow. These should be finished painting-wise this week, then it will be onto the next batch (slightly smaller - 96 Blue Moon pirates and sailors).


  1. Holy mackerel I thought I painted big enough batches at 72 a time :)

  2. Thanks for participating and showing us your paint table! Wow, that are a lot of mini's! I added your link in my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. That's a lot of pirates Tamsin! Your table far too clean and tidy though!

  4. The girl's like a painting tsunami!

  5. Great blog

  6. A full production line. Big batches of figures for a points bomb. Impressive.

  7. That is am amazing amount of figures, I think ten is a lot to paint but this many, (faints)

  8. Truly impressive amount of figures you're tackling - very well organized way to go about it too. You have me now wondering what kind of game you're planning to do with all of these, not to mention the Blue Moon figures. Best, Dean

  9. Oh good Lord, really!? Do you ever sleep?

  10. @ Andrew - this is nothing in comparison to that Swiss pike block I did in last year's Challenge!

    @ Sophie - happy to participate :)

    @ Rodger - it's only tidy in the part you can see in the pics!

    @ Gary - I'm not wet and windy!

    @ Clint - after these I've got 3 smaller batches for the main part of the army, and maybe a few more small batches as well.

    @ PK - it just seems a lot

    @ Dean - I find it easiest to do big batches when I'm doing irregulars like these, and to have some sort of system.

    @ Michael - every night sir, every night! :)

  11. I love these kinds of shots. I often take them of my table, whatever I'm working on. I like looking back through them over time. See what I was doing.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.


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