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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Challenge Day 22 - 28mm Coureurs de Bois

Well, this has been a productive weekend. The coureurs de bois got posted by Curt yesterday (more of this later), the regimental guns have also been posted and the skeleton pirates are finished and have been submitted.

The coureurs and guns have gained me 72 points, putting me into 6th place. The skeletons will get me another 48 points and then there are the points for my Villain to come later on as well.

I've taken things a bit easier today and restricted myself to finishing the skeletons, continuing with the NSL heavy carrier and doing some initial steps on another 15mm project - a set of 6 limber teams for my 30 Years War army. So far I've just done some of the basecoats, but will continue working on them alongside the NSL ships.

The Villain bonus theme should be posted a bit later on by Curt and my entry for that round will be revealed. As it will be the prize in my 2nd Blogday draw, my post tomorrow will be the Prize Draw.

Edit: They're up. Head on over, drool at the lovely figures and don't forget to vote!

I'll be scheduling it as I will be going straight to the club from work to play the first of my three games in the club's 30 Years War tournament. Go Danish!

28mm Coureurs de Bois

Lots of pics coming up!

These 8 French Canadian backwoodsmen gained me 32 points (I dropped 1 point per figure as they aren't based - Loki is going to be basing them all). They are my painting contribution for the Bloggers for Charity event.

These were painted over black primer drybrushed with white to provide some pre-highlighting. As the figures were all the same pose, I decided to use a wide range of colours to make every figure different. It also made for some confusion on my part when I went to do the final highlighting. It might have been better if I'd done them before I gave the figures a wash of brown ink - a lesson learned for next time!

I still haven't mastered the art of painting eyes, so I've just done the iris colour and ignored the whites. I have remembered one lesson I learned after painting my Norman Dux a couple of months ago - seal with Klear on its own rather than mixed with ink as the ink mix is very good at hiding all the effort put into the highlighting.

 I hope you all like them.


  1. Superb work Tamsin and another great set of BFC figures thanks

  2. Great progress and enjoy your game tomorrow night,

    I have a few things to submit once dried including my vehicle round ;-)


  3. That's some cracking work Tamsin, and well done on the top ten placing.

  4. Wonderfull painted figures! I may use some of those colour schemes for my AWI figures!


  5. That NSL ship is a beast! Great work on staying in the top ten. I'm struggling!

  6. Nicely done. Love the carrier too!

  7. Great work. I like the yellow accent colour juxtapositioning against the grey on the NSL ship it really stands out.

  8. Those look great, Tamsin. I hardly ever bother with the eyes either, so don't worry about those. No one ever notices when they're on the tabletop!

  9. @ Andrew - you're welcome :)

    @ Ian - but are they enough to get you past me?

    @ Michael A - I've been in the top 10 most of the time so far :)

    @ Peter - I'd advise using a more restricted palette. I used far too many different colours.

    @ Millsy - yup, definitely a beast of a ship

    @ David - the ship isn't finished yet

    @ Clint - the yellow is basecoat for other colours. Mind you, looking at this picture again makes me wonder whether it would have been better to leave them that colour?

    @ Rodger - cheers!

    @ Sidney - I've only done eyes a couple of times. It's just too fiddly and most of the time nobody is going to see them

  10. I love the little hats. Well done, you.


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