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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Challenge Day 28 - Getting There

Well, after a good night's sleep, I've managed to get a lot of work done today. I put the finishing touches to the capital ships, started and finished the logistics vessels and big cruisers and have all but finished the escort and light cruisers. I've also made a small start on the destroyers, frigates, corvettes and fighters.

The capital ships, logistics vessels and big cruisers have been given a spray of matt varnish, after which I went back over the sensor domes and bridges with gloss varnish. Then I super-glued flight peg toppers to the undersides. Once that was done, I attacked a pick & pluck foam tray to create appropriate storage for them.

The finished ships so far:

The escort and light cruisers just need some minor touching up with the base colour (to go over mistakes) which I'll do this evening. Tomorrow I'll matt spray them and attach flight peg toppers. I think I'll need to start another full size pick & pluck foam tray for this fleet, especially as I'll be adding more ships to it shortly.

Tomorrow I plan to get the destroyers, frigates and corvettes completed. If I have time, I'll make a start on the fighters. Or maybe do some more work on the 30YW limber teams.

So, here are some pics of what's left for me to work on of the current projects:

While I was doing a quick step on the fighters, I discovered that one has gone missing. I guess I must have caught it and sent it flying into the wasteland at some point. This means that one base will have to have 2 instead of 3 fighters on it.


  1. Tamsin, what are you using for the 'flight stand topper'? I've never found a solution that doesn't see me re glueing stands every time I get the models out.

  2. You're working machine Miss!

  3. Looking fantastic Tamsin - looking forward to pics of the full fleet when they are done!

  4. Awesome work. The fleet is coming along nicely and will be fantastic when finished.

  5. @ Mad Tin Hatter - the ones I use are a Litko product (available from Figures In Comfort in the UK)

    @ Andrew - cheers!

    @ Dave - always plenty going on on my painting desk :)

    @ Al - I am not a machine (that I know of....) !! ;)

    @ PK - thanks! :)

    @ Paul and Clint - well, as these are my entry for the Vehicles round, you'll have to wait until Curt posts them

    @ Simon - it's coming along more rapidly than I expected. I think it will look great when it's all done

  6. Nice work Tamsin, I really like the storage too!

  7. Looking very nice even at this stage. Like the others I'm keen to see them in all their glory.


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