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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Challenge Day 36 - Waiting Kills

It seems I'm not the only person suffering from lethal anticipation every other Sunday at the moment. Over on the Facebook group which James set up for Challengers to engage in sledging each other errrmmm Badger baiting errrmmmmm friendly banter, Loki has posted that "Dont know about the rest of you but the waiting for the bonus round post is a killer"

It most certainly is. Given the short time that Curt has between the deadline for entries and getting them posted on the same day it's difficult to see how he finds time to eat. For this round, I think he will be making time to drink though - working out the points for some of the entries will surely be giving him a massive headache.

But for us Challengers, those long hours between the deadline and the post going up are filled with worried anticipation. When will it go up? What will everybody else have submitted? How many points towards our targets have we scored? Will there be pie? Or bacon? Or cake?

I've had a fairly relaxed day today, with not a great deal of painting done. Last night I'd finished painting my Hero and added texture to the base. I drybrushed the texture this morning. I've left it there for now.

I also got a bit of work done on the PyRats, just the clothing in a bunch of bright colours, plus the boots and hats of those with them in blacks and browns. There's not much left to do, so I should finished painting them tomorrow.

When I've finished the PyRats, I'll get the berserkers done. That will leave me clear to work on the bulk of the pirate army over the next  few weeks.


  1. How very true, I know I can hardly wait to see what everyone else has done.

  2. For us not in the challenge it is great and I am enjoying every sec of this.

  3. I've just about rubbed the print off my F5 key... ;-)

  4. Hmmm Bacon.....

    I stayed up late Saturday night prepping the bonus round so as to make Sunday easier but then of course slept in and fell into a flap (as usual) to get things done. Nonetheless thanks for your patience!

  5. You are dead right about the anticipation I seem to check every 15 mins! I Bet Curt gets a spike in page views every other Sunday from us all checking to see if has been put up!.

  6. This is just so true... I shall have to try Bacon for the next round might give me a 30 second break as I bite butties between screen refreshes

  7. @ Phyllion - and lo! there were camels! In at least 2 entries! ;)

    @ Michael - and the wait is always well rewarded :)

    @ PK - I remember looking forward to all the entries in the 2nd Challenge when I wasn't a participant. It's as much fun (well, that aspect anyway) for you guys as it is for us :)

    @ Millsy - I'll see your F5 key and raise you the batteries of my IR mouse :)

    @ Curt - with eggs, mushrooms and a stack of pancakes? ;)
    You do a tremendous job throughout the Challenge, especially in putting together the galleries for the bonus theme rounds :)
    I imagine that working out points for some of the entries (particularly this round) is a real nightmare. Have a large single malt on me! :)

    @ Clint - every 15 mins? You slacker! ;)

    @ Loki - that sounds like a plan. A huge plate of bacon butties to nibble while waiting :)


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