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Monday, 20 January 2014

Challenge Day 37 - NSL 5th Fleet (pic heavy)

I think that everyone was amazed at how quickly Curt managed to put together and post the gallery for this fortnight's bonus theme. There were some truly inspired* and inspiring entries for this theme.

* referring to inspired interpretation of "vehicle" to submit giant spiders and camels. I won't mention names (*cough* Loki and DaveD *cough*)

As always this round included some absolutely wonderful work. Head on over to the galleryhttp://analogue-hobbies-theme-rounds.blogspot.ca/2014/01/the-third-fortnight-them-bonus-round.html to take a look and don't forget to vote for your favourites.

Well, that's enough of that blather, here is my entry, the NSL 5th Fleet (elements of).

Subsector 029/16, ESU Core Systems
Command Bridge, Battleship Gagarin (Flag, 3rd Core Defense Fleet, Eurasian Solar Union)

"Admiral, sensors report ships have jumped in-system at 340 fore, 28 declination"


"Admiral, sensors report NSL ships in large numbers"

"How many? What are they doing here?"

"Identified as elements of 5th Battle Fleet. Sensors confirming types and numbers"

"The 5th? Elements? Not the whole fleet?"

"No sir. Initial tactical analysis reports 2 large and 2 small carriers, 4 ships of the line, 4 large cruisers, 6 medium and 6 light cruisers, 10 destroyers, 5 small escorts and large numbers of fighters deployed. Also some fleet auxiliaries."

did they get past our border defense fleets?"

"Admiral, detailed analysis incoming. 1 heavy carrier, 1 light carrier, 2 escort carriers, 1 battle dreadnought, 1 heavy battleship, 1 battleship, 1 battle cruiser, 2 heavy cruisers, 2 attack cruisers, 6 escort cruisers - 2 Frankfurt class and 4 Danzig class, 6 light cruisers - 2 Kiel class and 4 Emden class, 2 heavy destroyers, 4 missile destroyers, 4 fast destroyers, 2 frigates, 3 corvettes, 2 fleet tenders, 1 fleet tanker. They have launched 4 full wings of light fighters. Tactics advise that they have at least one more wing available, probably heavy fighters."

"Comrades, we are a little outnumbered but at least it isn't their whole 5th fleet and most of their ships of the line aren't with them. We can stop this incursion. Set course for intercept."

"Admiral, sensors report two more groups of contacts emerging from jump at 190 aft, 45 inclination and 100 starboard, 05 declination. Sir....I think it's the rest of their fleet."

"Holy Mother Russia! Comrades - say your prayers."

The Fleet Arrayed:

 The Fighter Swarm:

Small Escort Group
(3 Nibelung class Corvettes in front, 2 Pola class Frigates behind)

Destroyer Group:

Lutzow Class Destroyers:

Sachsen Class Heavy Destroyers:

Rottweil Class Missile Destroyers:

Light Cruiser Squadron:
(2 Kiel class leading 4 Emden class)

Escort Cruiser Squadron:
(2 Frankfurt class leading 4 Danzig class

The Big Cruisers:
(2 Helgoland class Heavy Cruisers, Von Der Tann class Battle Cruiser, 2 Rommel class Attack cruisers)

Ships of the Line:
(Hapsburg class Heavy Battleship, Maria Theresa class Battle Dreadnought, Graf Spee class Battleship)

Fleet Carrier Assets:
(2 Prinzessin Hannah class Escort Carriers, Wien class Light Carrier)

Fleet Logistics Vessels:
Odenwald class Fleet Tender, Odenwald-Q class Q-Ship Fleet Tender, Walchensee class Fleet Tanker)

and last, but most definitely not least....

Big Momma:
(Neu Salzburg class Heavy Carrier)

A rather large fleet of spaceship here for you folks - why go for one vehicle when you can have an armada of them? This is my Neu Swabian League fleet from Ground Zero Games. Some of these ships had been languishing in my lead pile for over 2 years, some since Salute 2012 and the rest were acquired just before Christmas. I've had good fun painting these up and look forward to getting them on the table for some games of Full Thrust in the coming year. Not all at once, obviously - each turn would take a couple of hours! Besides, I don't think any of my potential opponents is stupid enough to will have a fleet large enough to match this one.

I will be adding some more ships to the fleet (in fact, I've ordered them this week, along with some more ships for my NAC and FSE fleets, some civilian ships and a ESU fleet) but they are unlikely to be painted during the Challenge.


  1. would you like some Benylin for that chesty cough ;)

    A staggering entry Tamsin absolutely blown away by just how many spaceships you have done for this round excellent work

  2. Your ship yards have been busy Admiral Tamsin. I hope you are able to get enough able crewmen without having to resort to pressing them!

    Impressive work.

  3. What an amazing entry this was. So much stuff in one go and really well executed as well. Now you need to get them some games!

  4. Blooming marvelous entry, complete megalomania... Love it.

  5. I thought this was an outstanding entry Tamsin and everyone a bona fide vehicle! ;)

  6. They look amazing! Reminds me of the game EVE!

  7. Now that is what I call a fleet and it looks so good but where is the red battleship?

  8. Great introduction and a fleet of pure beauty Tamsin, amazing work!

  9. Fantastic work Tamsin - truly a Fleet to be proud of Admiral!!!

  10. Very nice job, but I do wonder where you put all the stuff.


  11. Quantity is quality ;-)

    That's awesome.

  12. We should line up a game! What club do you play at? We have been playing a lot of Full Thrust at the Crawley club over the last few Months. I am working on a Japanese fleet.

  13. Great Work! Very cool fleet .
    Greetings .

  14. Fantastic armada, and a wonderful drop for the painting contest! Now is the time to find a new solar system, and conquer it.

  15. @ Andrew - that cough doesn't need Benylin! It wasn't a lot of spaceships really - just 42 ships and 47 fighters :)

    @ Clint - very busy indeed, but also very efficient, as you would expect from Teutons. And the people are proud to volunteer to serve as crew - no need for press gangs :)

    @ Brian - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - it was a lot to paint in one go, but it made sense to do them all in one go. I definitely plan to get some games in with them as soon as possible :)

    @ Dave - this is just a fraction of my megalomania. Muwahahahaha!

    @ Michael - thank you! :)

    @ One a Day Tech - Cheers! I've never played Eve but have watched some videos of some major fleet actions and read a couple of books based on the universe

    @ PK - red battleship? I know some people have done their NSL in a red scheme, but I wanted a grittier feel to mine.

    @ Fran - thanks! The blurb for the rest of my theme rounds will be rather boring in comparison.

    @ Ray - cheers!

    @ Lou - thanks!

    @ Paul - it is a rather nice task group, isn't it?

    @ John - thanks! Luckily these don't take up that much space.

    @ Iannick - indeed. Quality and quantity combined :)

    @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Captain LOL - cheers!

    @ Kev - thanks!

    @ Monty - lots of lovely points toward my target. New solar system? Small steps mate - I haven't (quite) finished dominating this one first, muwahahahaha :)

  16. Wow that's an impressive collection and very nicely painted. Love these GZG ships. Added to my blog list for reference!

  17. I have to say that I am very impressed with your work. I just got my NSL fleet in today from GZG. I had no idea that these ships are going to take this much construction work!

  18. And thanks for the clear pictures. They serve as a aid to building the ships. : )

  19. @ Chasseur - thanks :)

    @ markmors - thank you and you're welcome. The big ships are a bit of b****r to assemble. A couple of them did go "banana" on me as the glue was setting, but it isn't too noticeable in these pics.

  20. hmmm,

    I might need to buy some more ships, having seen the size of your fleet.


  21. These are inspiring paint jobs, really making me want to change my plans for my NSL ships to be more like this...


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