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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July round up

It's the start of a new month, so it's time for a round up of the previous month.

End of July Stats:

Page Views: 30658 (6608 in July - a huge jump in the hit rate, only partly attributable to my prize draw)
Followers: 235 (44 new in July)
Posts: 210 (33 in July, just over 1 per day)

Last month I wrote down what my plans were, so how did I do?

Painting - 
I did get side-tracked a bit by painting up 4 units and a command group for my Medieval Swiss rather then just the one unit of mounted crossbowmen. This did have an impact on the rest of my plans - the Vikings haven't had their basing done yet; I didn't get the 30YW commanders  and camp bits painted, but I have somehow managed to get my total painted troops to 650 points; the SciFi stuff hasn't been touched. Andy has informed me what I'll be painting up for him as his prize (7YW Austrian Cuirassiers) but he hasn't provided me with the figures yet.

Gaming -
I got 2 of my 3 club tournament games out of the way. The third has had to wait as my opponent had to go away on a contract at short notice - we're hoping to get our game done on the 16th. I did get a bunch of Saga games in, but didn't get to sit in on any FoG:R games, nor to play any Tomorrow's War.

Blogging -
I didn't get round to doing any book reviews. I finished reading 3 books in July - "Death of Kings", "The Art of Warfare on Land" and "The Niebelungenlied" - I will try to do reviews of them this month. currently I'm reading  CV Wedgewood's "The Thirty Years War".

I guess I should set out my plans for August:


Scythians - I've got 24 light horse, 12 cataphracts and 3 mounted command figures to paint. I hope to get at least some of them done
30YW - paint up my commanders, the third regiment of Reiters, 2 more field guns with crew, another 3 bases of dragoons, camp bits, ambush markers, casualties. If I get time, paint up the 2 remaining regiments of foot.
SciFi - make some headway on the Chewks, space demons and battle bots


FoG:AM - see how my Swiss fare against the Seljuk Turks
FoG:R - I should manage to get in a game this month.
Saga - I'll probably get a few more games in
Tomorrow's War - I might actually get a game in this month - one of the other players has a hankering to play again.


To actually do the book reviews!

What am I up to right now (other than writing this blog post)? Well, last night I did prep the 30YW command groups, and I'm in the middle of prepping the 3rd unit of Reiters (which will be the Blue regiment). I'll probably make a start on the Scythians tomorrow (if I don't go to the club), just for an excuse to pick up a paintbrush again. I'm aiming to prep a unit's worth of figures every evening, so painting progress will be slow for the next few days.


  1. You get a tremendous amount of work done and you've found time to play in some games and win a few of those games. It looks like July has been a great month for you and hoping August is even better.

    1. Thanks Anne - I've got a large lead-pile which is why I'm doing so much painting. Hopefully I'll break the back of it soon and can slow down a bit.
      I doubt that the page-view rate will stay up, but I expect it will be up from the May/June levels.

  2. Your really chugging along here at quite the clip.. good stats, good numbers, and good progress all around. Good luck on August.. have some targets of my own over on my blog.. cept they might be a bit lofty..

    1. Just taken a look - that's a lot of stuff to paint up you've got there - good luck to getting it all done this month.

  3. Looks like you had a great moth Tamsin, trouble is you've set the standard now and you've gotta beat them this month!

    1. It wasn't a great moth, it was a most excellent butterfly ;)
      It would be nice to beat those figures this month, but I doubt it will happen.

  4. Lordy, Tamsin, that's a HUGE schedule! I'm dizzy thinking about it! To get over 30,000 page views in a single month is absolutely fantastic. Well done indeed!! Absolutely just reward for the work you've been doing. 33 posts in a month is phenomenal. Awesome, and deeply impressive, stuff!

    1. 30k in a month? if only - that's in 7 months, for last month it was 6,600 ;)
      In terms of workload, it's probably about the same as for July. The main priority for me is to get the 30YW army finished and there isn't 8that* much more to do now.

  5. Hey Tamsin,
    This is a hobby! If you do not pick up one paint brush, one bttle of paint or a teeny-weeny 6mm figure IT'S OKAY!! I'm old - you can trust me. The world will not end, you will continue to have agood life and we who visit your site will continue to admire your proficient gaming skills.
    Your painting is very good and the way in which you have approached constructing your armies is more than admirable. Keep up the good work - but only when you feel like it. No schedules but a lightly constructed plan is OK. And remeber to always be able to smile when you finish your projects.

    1. hi jerry, I know it's a hobby and I don't worry too much if I don't get any painting done. However, I'm still playing catch-up to get myself some armies to play with. Once the 30YW army is complete, I'll be able to slow down.
      Thanks for the compliments on my painting and gaming and I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog :)

  6. Truly Stakhanovite efforts and very fine painting. I enjoyed C V Wedgewood on the 30YW when I read it some time ago. Remembered the names of William Slavata and Jaroslav Martinitz (who went oot the windae at Prague): very handy for upmarket pub quiz nights!

  7. Inspiring stuff Tasmin

    I am going to 'pinch with pride' and set myself some (more modest) targets for August over on Lead Warrior