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Monday, 27 August 2012

Post Battle Revelation

Looking at the figures I used in my first game of FoG:R last Monday, I noticed something:

The units which performed well (even above and beyond expectations) were all tufted and flocked. 
The units which performed miserably (I'm looking at you, you useless cuirassiers!) were only flocked, not tufted.

Aha! Maybe it had nothing to do with crappy generalship after all - those units were simply lacking the magic of tuftiness.

So, I've got 36 bases of foot and 12 bases of cuirassiers to add tufts to before my next game (plus the 4 bases of Blue Reiters which will be tufted and flocked today). Looking at my packs, I need to get some more of the Late Fall ones, so I'll have to make a trip to 4D Modelshop tomorrow. Once the whole army is tufted, I'll do an "en masse" photo-shoot for you.


  1. Ahh the lucky tuft that explains it all then!

  2. Sounds a reasonable explanation, one I may use in the future

  3. Never heard of "tufting" - got any good links on how to do it?

  4. Awww! People go insane in the cutest ways these days...

  5. A case of Tuft'ed luck I see. My newest regiments always seem to do the worst fighting, not good news as I try to use mostly new stuff this Friday!


  6. @ Clint - well, a plan is always good. But a plan never survives first contact with the enemy....

    @ Brummie - it's an explanation at any rate ;)

    @ Scotty - it does rely on it being your tuft-less troops being the poor performers though for the excuse to work

    @ Lentulus - tufting is where you add "tufts" (various manufacturers - MiniNatur, Silfor are probably the main ones. Oh and the Evil Empire and Army Painter do some as well, but more expensively) of clumped static grass to the bases.

    @ Saroe - go insane? Are you suggesting I wasn't already? Muwahahahaha!

    @ Ian - you see, that's because they aren't battle hardened. Mine were all new and untested by the enemy - the ones which did well will receive appropriate battle honours when I get round to making their flags :)

  7. tuft spookiness...

    but maybe you are on to something , be interesting to see what happens!