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Sunday, 19 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Commanders #5

Almost there! The detailing and Klear/ink coat are done; the figures have been based (using the basing gunk to attach them as that trick had worked for another unit). Later on tonight I'll dry-brush the gunk and perhaps even do the matt varnish spray - that way if I get up early enough tomorrow, I might be able to get tufting and flocking done before packing them into the box file for tomorrow night's game.

Now that my army is very nearly finished, I probably need to get some flags done for them. My plan has been to do some up with non-serious mottoes based on nationality (lots of pastry/bacon references for the Danish; song titles for Saxon) but in the interim I may get some of the proper ones from Maverick Models.


  1. Incredible...based and ready to fight! ;-)

    Good luck for your night' s game...as Ray says...don' t throw a 1! :-)


  2. Enjoy your game and hope they make you proud