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Sunday, 19 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Commanders #4

It's too hot to paint! But I've done a bit anyway - the following steps have been done today:

Hats (including highlight dry-brushing)
Collars, hat feathers and drum skins
Belts and scabbards
Touch-ups of clothing
Touch-ups of horses

This just leaves some minor detailing to do tomorrow (metals etc) and then I can give them a Klear/ink coat and get them based. I won't have all the basing stuff done before I use them for my first FoG:R game on Monday, but they'll be good to go as they are.

Oh, you want pics? Typical!


  1. We've missed the heatwave up here in the Ridings (it's not been nippy though!) The commanders look great, the horses look really natural

  2. Coming on nice, we also failed to get the promissed heat, we just had the prats plying loud drum and base till gone 2am that normally comes with the hot weather


  3. @ Tim - thanks. The horses are the easiest part of this project now I have a method down pat.

    @ Ian - I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I haven't had to suffer the prats playing music really loud down here. However it's usually until 4 or 5am when they do.

  4. Too hot to paint? Nearly 40° here...;-)


    1. Hey Marzio! I know - it's nowhere near that hot here, but after being down around 20C for the last week or so, the sudden jump to 32-34 is a bit of a shock to the system. I just wish our weather here would make it's mind up.