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Saturday, 23 June 2018

(Not Quite) Finished: 28mm WW2 Aussie Jungle Fighters #6

And another batch is finished. Phew! Almost there now. The only problem is that I've started to run out of space in the foam figure trays. I've got room left for another 8-figure batch, but I'll need to order some more before  painting any more batches.

However, this batch and the next will ensure that I have a full platoon plus support options for Chain of Command.

Senior Leader

This chap is the Major Lumley figure from The Assault Group, which was a freebie add-on as my recent order was over £39. I'll probably be using him as an adjutant or maybe as a grizzled Sergeant Major for Chain of Command.

2" Mortar Team

These are part of my recent order from Wartime Miniatures. They looked quite nice as bare metal, but once I started painting them I became less impressed with the sculpting. One of the details that bugged me was that they appear to be wearing the illegitimate offspring of gaiters and puttees. Hopefully the Independent Company chaps won't suffer the same issues.

Tommy Gunners

The figure on the left is from The Assault Group, the one on the right from Wargames Foundry. Both are from their Chindit ranges.

Rifleman and Medic

The rifleman is a Chindit from The Assault Group; the medic is from Wartime Miniatures.


This is a Eureka figure and I think it's the last one from the order I collected at Salute.

I've just started the next batch, which should be finished mid-week. I've also finished painting the packs, pouches and weapons I primed last week.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

(Not Quite) Finished: 28mm WW2 Aussie Jungle Fighters #5

I might have forgotten to mention that I'd booked yesterday and today as annual leave. Of course, that has given me plenty of time for painting more Aussies.

I finished painting the 6th batch yesterday afternoon, and got most of the basing done last night. This morning I dry-brushed the bases and matt varnished them. If they are looking a bit dirtier than previous batches, that's because I'm on a new bottle of Strong Tone which seems a bit thinner than the last bottle. That could be because the old bottle was about 5 years old and some of the water may have evaporated over time. I'm starting to get used to the new batch.

Anyway, enough blather, on with the pics!

Senior Leader, Radio, Bren

TAG, Warlord, Eureka

Junior Leaders

Eureka, Artizan, TAG


Warlord, TEG, Warlord

The Chindits for The Assault Group seem to fit in quite nicely with the Aussies.

I've started work on the next batch - all the base colours are done. I took photos of them before the first Strong Tone wash:

This batch includes the first of the Foundry and Wartime Miniatures figures. For this batch and the next two, I'm using pairs of greens which I haven't used so far. That actually seems to have made things a little quicker as I'm only switching between two greens rather than three.

This batch will actually give me all the support options I need for now - a second light mortar team and a medic. The Major Lumley figure will probably be used as the adjutant.

I also did some priming:

These are some loose rifles, Tommy guns, packs and pouches from The Assault Group. I'll mostly be adding these to the bases of support weapon teams

And that's not all - I spent an hour or so today making tufts:

I still need to make some more sheets up, but those will be of very long (10mm) grass. I'll probably do that at the weekend.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

(Not Quite) Finished 28mm: 28mm Aussie Jungle Fighters #4

And another batch are finished. If I hadn't added so many extra figures since I started I'd be almost finished. However, with all of the additional figures I've purchased (speaking of which, the figures I ordered from Wartime Miniatures arrived on Thursday - a week to ship in from Australia) I've got a few more batches to paint up.

But on with the pics of the batch I've just (not quite) finished.

3" Mortar Team

Junior Leaders

I was originally planning to have junior leaders (corporals) mounted on 25mm round bases and mark them somehow to make them easily identifiable, but realised that might be a bit tricky. Instead I have decided to mount them on 25mm square bases. Of course, being about halfway through it means that a lot of the SMG toting figures are already on 25mm round bases so some of my corporals will have rifles instead.


This weekend I've done a bunch of priming - the Militia figures and all the Wartime Miniatures figures.

I've also made a good start on the next batch of figures:

Just a couple more basecoats to do before a thinned Strong Tone wash and they'll be ready for highlighting. I should get them to that point tonight.

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