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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Update 29/8/2012

No pics this post I'm afraid.

Update on my Donnington order

Damian emailed me yesterday to let me know my figures had been cast, picked, packed and should have been posted today - they should be with me by the weekend hopefully, so I'll be able to prep the ones I'm taking to paint at the TUC Congress in plenty of time.

I now really need to sit down and work out the figures I need to order to complete my Swiss army (particularly as the guy from the club whose army I've borrowed will want them back at some point).

30YW Camp Bits and Ambush Markers

I've started prepping these - I'm in no rush to complete them though.

Base Painting

I've spent the last couple of evenings painting up batches of bases ready for use as units are finished. I've still got a load more to do, but I've run out of the paint I use for this - need to pop into B&Q tomorrow for a couple more tester pots.

The Tufty Club....

....has been joined by the rest of my 30YW figures. Hopefully that will improve their performance on their next outing. Now all that's needed is for me to lug the lot of them to the club so that I can deploy them in battle order and do a photo shoot of them en masse.

I did take a trip to 4D Modelshop after work yesterday to get the tufts and picked up a couple of other bits I needed/wanted at the same time.

Getting Close....

....to another Prize Draw. Back when I did my last one I had hinted that I'd do a "painted by Tamsin" job on reaching 250 followers. Well, I'm at 249 followers, so I expect it will only be a matter of days before I have to live up to that pledge. Gulp!


  1. Good update and possibly some painted by Tamsin coming....nice!

  2. OK you hit 250 today. I'm in for the draw, I have loads I could offer for you to do, evil laugh time


  3. Well done getting up to 250 - Please enter me as I am sure I could find a figure for your painting enjoyment

  4. Oh, damn and curse, I've hit 250 already - gonna have to post that prize draw tonight I guess!

  5. Congrats on hitting 250 Tamsin.