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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wednesday Workbench 12 December

Rather annoyingly, I've had a cold for the last few days. It knocked me for six on Monday, which meant I ended up missing an afternoon game of ADLG.

However, I have been able to get quite a bit of figure assembly and priming done despite the lurgy:

54 foot knights (seen on Sunday, primed Monday)

3 days of assembly and priming...

72 longbowmen (plus some stands of arrows)

48 billmen, 12 men at arms, 18 spearmen and four command figures

Yesterday I received two packages in the post. They contained this:

Warbases - assorted MDF bases for various projects, plus some bunnies and (more) wolves

North Star - Artizan 8th Army figures (and a senior officer from the Thrilling Tales range). Oh, and even more wolves.

Those figures have all been prepped and washed today. When they are dry, I'll stick them on bases and get them primed tomorrow.

I do still have some prep to do before the Challenge begins. That should keep me out of mischief for the next few days.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Sunday Workbench 09 December

Challenge prep has continued apace this weekend. Yesterday I got the riders for my WotR cavalry primed:

On Friday these arrived:

The little black boxes contain Perry metals 8th Army figures; I also purchased a box each of WotR Infantry and Foot Knights from Orcs Nest during the week. I prepped the metal figures on Friday evening, and yesterday stuck them on bases:

I also assembled the plastic 8th Army figures, which will be used as Militia for my WW2 Aussies..

I adapted two of the figures to be have Lewis guns (from colonel Bill's):

The busy-ness has carried on today:

I got the metal and plastic 8th Army figures primed:

And managed to assemble 54 foot knights for my WotR army:

They'll be primed tomorrow.

This week is going to see more prep work being done. I've got 72 longbowmen, 54 billmen and 18 spearmen to assemble and prime, plus foot command figures. I should have some more metal figures arriving in the next few days, which will also need to be prepped. I might even find time to do the weathering on those Gaslands gates.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Thursday Workbench 06 December

I finally had a day where it was dry and not too windy, so I managed to get some spray priming done outside.

Hopefully the weather will be OK tomorrow so that I can prime the cargo ship.

I also managed to put together some nail blocks for painting the WotR riders:

On top of that, I started work on painting these gates for Gaslands (NB - can also be used as gates for other games):

That's the metal detailing done. I just need to do the weathering on them - that's a job for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Finished: Gaslands Scatter Terrain

I finished painting these yesterday, gave them a Klear coat and then added some brown acrylic frame sealant to smooth out the bases. This morning I added a bit of Vallejo dark earth texture on top of the acrylic, then when it was dry painted the base with earth colours (I went with a slightly red palette). That was followed by a wash of diluted Strong Tone, followed by an overall drybrush of Tan Yellow to give a dusty finish and a coat of matte varnish.

The pieces are 20mm from Sergeant's Mess. They are intended for use as obstacles for Gaslands.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Monday Update 03 December

Jeepers! It's December already. And just 18 days to go until AHPC9 kicks off. As the late, great Sid James might say "Blimus!".

I haven't done anything more to the stowage bases that I showed you on Friday. That's mostly because I've been focused on sorting out paperwork for the past few days. It had been building up for several years without being filed, so it was about time to bite the bullet and get it done. It should take me a few more sessions to finish.

However, I have got a few things done:

6mm ACW buildings and bridges

More containers and some skips

Horses for my WotR army...

...and the riders

I need to make up some blocks to hold the riders - that's a job for tomorrow - and then I can get those primed as well.

I'll also need to do some planning of what to paint in the first two days of the Challenge, before I head off to Sussex for Christmas. I definitely want to get something submitted on Day 1, just to kick things off.

And then there are a few purchases I need to make - some figures & models, some bases, some foam storage trays. On top of that, at some point I'll be taking delivery of a lot of shinies from the first ever Kickstarter that I've back - Bad Squiddo's "Onna Bugeisha".

Friday, 30 November 2018

Friday Workbench 30 November

This week has mostly been spent prepping, sorting and getting on with household jobs that I had kept putting off.I have been doing a bit of painting alongside everything else though.

This week I have got these painted:

They're a bit too small for Gaslands/Car Wars (although they could be used at a pinch) but would work well for 15mm.

I've also started work on these (they just need highlighting):

On the prep side, earlier this week I got this beast assembled:

That's 30" of shipping goodness from TT Combat.

Today I've started putting together knights and cavalry for my War of the Roses army:

That's the horses done today, tomorrow I'll start work on the riders. And then I'll have to work out what infantry the force needs made up, so that I can plan any purchases.

I'm hoping for a couple of dry, non-windy days in the coming week so that I can spray prime a bunch of MDF kits (including that ship).

Sunday, 25 November 2018

AHPC IX - Fellowship

It's that time of year that many of us look forward to. Or dread. Whatever.

Yes, Snowlord Curt of the Canadian Campbells has announced this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. There may still be some places available if you wish to take part.

I have, of course, taken up my reserved spot. Somewhat foolishly, I opted for a target of 3000 points, which will be a fair stretch to achieve. Particularly if I end up painting lots of 28mm figures for my WW2 New Guinea project to the same standard as I have started out...

I decided to do a quick count-up of what I have in stock, ready to go. It comes to about 2000 points of prepped-and-primed figures. I probably have another 4-500 points of figures prepped but not primed, and a lot of plastics which haven't been assembled. I should have enough for the 3000 points, but will need to do a bit of a sort out in my hobby room if I'm going to have space to have everything primed before the Challenge starts.

There are also some planned purchases, mostly for the New Guinea project. Plus some terrain. All in all, it looks as though I have no excuse for not hitting 3000 points this year.

However, you probably want to know what I do have lined up for this year:


WW2 New Guinea Project - 1942 Aussies (in KD uniforms), M3 Stuart tanks, and possibly some Japanese to oppose them. I might also make some jungle terrain up.
Purchases needed - some more M3 Stuarts, some more 8th Army figures, the Japanese.

Strontium Dog - I've got a good bunch of figures prepped and primed and some terrain (mostly) made up but needing to be primed.
This project will fit in nicely with one of the bonus rounds ("Mercenaries").

Pulp/Salutesville - I have a lot of figures primed and some more prepped but not primed. Some terrain as well.

Miscellaneous - I've got quite a few figures primed for various small projects. There's a small group of figures in this section that will work for the final bonus round ("Fellowship").


SYW Russians - I have 4 regiments of infantry (plus spare figures) and 18 Cossacks primed. I don't have any plans to add to them at the moment.

Mongols - plenty of cavalry and some infantry plus baggage elements primed.

SciFi - I have a load of GZG's Kra'Vak figures and vehicles prepped.


ACW - mounted and dismounted cavalry plus some artillery for both sides primed. There are also various baggage elements and some terrain prepped but not primed.

SYW - I have a lot prepped. I was going to do these as ImagiNations for Honours of War, but I'm having a rethink on that right now.

Other project which might see the light of day:

28mm Wars of the Roses - I have a goodly pile of plastics for this project to add to the longbowmen I painted a few years ago.

28mm Fantasy - a wold army for Dragon Rampant. I have a bunch of wolves prepped, but need to order some more and bases for them to go on. I'll be multi-basing the wolves on 75x50mm bases which offers the opportunity to make them dioramic.

The next few weeks will see me busy getting ready for the Challenge, with lots of prep and priming plus some terrain making. Also thinking about what to do for the other three bonus rounds - "Reconnaissance", "Sport" and "Water Feature" - and making any necessary purchases.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Saturday Workbench 24 November

I've been taking things fairly easy for the last couple of days, taking time out for reading and some gaming, rather than painting. I've still managed to get some things done though.

For starters, the tank commanders for "Ace" and "Demon". These are from Warlord, and as you can see I did head-swap one with a Chindit head.

I also painted the stowage racks (and stowage) for the tanks:

And repainted the unit insignia on "Demon" to show it as 2/1st Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron.

As there was a "Devil" in 6 troop, I thought that "Demon" should be in that troop.

So, here are the three Matildas with stowage racks and commanders:

While I was priming the stowage and commanders, I also primed the M3 Stuart from Blitzkrieg Miniatures:

During the week, I realised that I needed to order some more MDF bases from Warbases. While I was doing that, I decided to order some of their 28mm SF terrain. I assembled them last night while watching TV:

Today I bought a cheap 4-pack of 330ml fizzy drinks from Poundland (the taste is not brilliant, but not disgusting). I just need to drink them all to complete the pieces:

I do need to get some 2mm MDF to make bases for larger terrain to go on. That calls for a trip to 4D Modelshop during the week I think.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Finished: 15mm Panzers

I wasn't expecting to post this until tomorrow, but they're already finished. That was as much of a surprise for me as for you guys and gals.

Panzer IIIs

 Ausf E

Ausf F

 Ausf G

Panzer IVs

Ausf F

Ausf F2/G

Ausf H

I also got some bases made up for all the tanks to go on. That's more for storage and safe transport than for aesthetic reasons:

I'm sure I'll end up adding some other tanks in the future.