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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wednesday Workbench 17 October

Since my game on Monday I've been keeping myself busy. I've decided to finish off the jungle-green Aussies, and made a start on the first of the remaining batches yesterday. I got all the base layers down and first washes. This morning I started highlighting them. This pic was taken after the flesh had been highlighted:

This afternoon I've continued the highlighting and have done the uniforms, slouch hats, water bottles and boots. This evening I'll be doing the other bits. If I get time I'll do the final washes as well. Tomorrow I'll be doing the Klear coat and matt varnishing.

I'm going to wait until the rest are painted and varnished before I add the basing gunk. Partly that's because I've decided to switch the senior leaders onto 25mm hex bases instead of 30mm ones (so that they'll fit properly into the slots of the foam trays). I'll need to buy some 25mm hex bases this weekend at SELWG show.

Last night, after doing the first washes on the Aussies, I decided to assemble the two 15mm tanks I'd bought at Colours a few weeks ago.

For the Panzer IV I went with the G variant. I have decided to paint the turrets and hulls separately so that the turrets can be rotated.

The PSC kits were quite easy to assemble, but they could do with better instructions as it wasn't obvious where some of the extra bits were meant (toolboxes, etc) to go. I might do a quick prime and paint on these as someone at the club is running a 15mm Eastern Front game of "What A Tanker!" at the club on Monday.

AAR: Sea Peoples First Outing (ADLG)

The best thing about not working is that I am available for afternoon gaming. I had my first game for several months on Monday afternoon, which was the debut for the Sea Peoples army I painted up earlier this year. They were facing Libyan Egyptians.

Initial deployments. With hindsight (and ain't that a wonderful thing?) my big mistake was not spreading out across more of the table - that hit me hard later on. I should have stuck the medium foot from the central command as a reserve behind the heavy foot (and able to move to cover their left flank) and put most of the medium foot from my right flank command into the front line rather than having them in reserve.

The terrain deployment wasn't the best. The rolls for position meant that two items had to be discarded as they wouldn't fit into the sector they should have been in. that left a road, a field (the brown patch) and a village (the grey patch).

I'd lost the initiative, and my opponent moved forward quickly to close me down.

I forgot to take pics for a turn or two. I'd lost two light foot in the meantime. Here you can see that I've charged in, with mixed results.

My chariot command was suffering the effects of shooting from the Egyptian chariots and bowmen.

My heavy foot charged forward to fight some crap medium cavalry which was blocking them from attacking the enemy heavy foot.

An almost equal fight - all impetuous medium swordsmen, but the enemy were "elite".

Some dreadful dice rolls from my medium foot charging light chariots in the open saw the predictable damage marker appear.

And more damage markers sprout among my troops. the enemy heavy foot have now charged into mine, who didn't really seem to notice. Unlike my medium foot who are mostly dying. On my right flank I detached the javelinmen with the intention of getting them round to make a flank or rear attack on the Egyptian chariots.

More of my troops are disappearing or taking damage.

Not looking good for my chariots.

Definitely not looking good for this chariot.

My heavy foot on the other hand are doing a splendid job. 

Chariot and general killed.

And you'll be chocked that the chariot which had been hit in the flank and the rear also died.

The heavy boys are doing what they're best at.

Unfortunately by then enough of my units had either been killed or damaged that I reached army break point.

I had terrible dice throughout most of the game. It didn't seem to matter what the dice were for -command pips, shooting, melee or rallying - they were almost all bleedin' awful. Unlike my opponent's dice which were consistently rolling 5s and 6s.

It was a good game though and it was great to get back to gaming after such a long break.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday Workbench 12 October

I decided to freehand the markings on the tanks. After a bit of research to get them (just about) right, I sat down this afternoon and carefully painted them. Yes, there were some errors which had to be corrected.

Once they were all done, I used the airbrush to give both tanks two thin coats of Klear, then a coat of matt varnish. Here is how they looked at that point:

Matilda II

This one uses the markings of an actual tank - "ASP" from 1 Troop of A Squadron, 1st Australian Tank Regiment (the regiment changed names a few times during WW2).

M3 Stuart

This represents a tank from 7 Troop of B Squadron, 2/6th Armoured Regiment. I couldn't find any information on actual names given to Stuarts, so made one up. I went with B Squadron as they were (with C Squadron) involved in the fighting at Buna and Sanananda.

I decided to take these photos before the tanks got muddied up. I've done that this evening, but the mud effects need to dry overnight before I decided if they need painting or washing.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday Workbench 10 October

Well, I didn't do anything on the tanks yesterday, so I had to do the highlighting today.

As you can see, I've also done the red lines on the sides of the Matilda. And glued the M3's MG back onto the post (it was too narrow to drill for pinning, so I'll need to be careful with it).

At the weekend, inspired by something I saw on Facebook I decided to order a new set of figures from Studio Miniatures to paint up during the Challenge this winter. While I was there I spotted a figure which set off some more inspiration and ordered that and a few others as well. They arrived today:

This set is a new release and what I went on the site to order. Does anyone know of a miniature which might be suitable for representing a psychotic Glaswegian hamster?

It was the Elvis figure which sent me down the rabbit hole of ordering these. I've recently re-read "The Book With No Name" by "Anonymous" and there is a bounty hunter who is an Elvis lookalike. The other figures? The others could all be used to represent other characters in the book.

For a few more weeks they are including this Flashman figure with orders over £40.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Monday Workbench 08 October

I'm beginning to enjoy this "not working" malarkey - lots of time for reading, sleeping, painting, sleeping, watching DVDs and sleeping.

I did make a start on the tanks yesterday and got the base layers done with the airbrush. Well, base layers and overall highlights to be accurate.

Today I've been making a start on the detailing. I got some edge highlighting done on the tanks as well as some shade washes into the recesses. I've also got the tracks and road wheels done, along with some wear and tear. I also made a start on the details, which have had base coats and a wash of AP Strong Tone. I'll do the highlighting on those tomorrow.

There was one small accident with the M3 Stuart - the commander's MG broke off it's mounting post. I'll need to drill and pin it before finishing the model.

Once the details are finished (and the MG repaired) the tanks will get a gloss coat (probably Klear through the airbrush) and then it's decal time. Although I might need to order decals. Unless I try hand-painting them.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Wednesday Workbench and News 03 October

Sorry for leaving it so long since my last post. Things have been a little bit hectic for me over the past couple of weeks, but more on that later.

I actually have something finished to show you. I started these a couple of months back, but kept faffing around and only finished them yesterday.

Not much, but these BBQs will be jump off point markers for my Aussies. I'm still debating whether to paint up some wire mesh to put on top (maybe with a couple of "shrimps").

I also got some priming done the other day:

Warlord Games Papuan section

Warlord Games M3 Stuart

Warlord Games Aussie Matilda II

The Matilda was a bit of a pig to assemble and needed a fair amount of gap filling with green stuff. I think the plan will be to get the hulls done this weekend with the airbrush and then do the detailing next week.

OK, so now the news (which explains why things were rather hectic for the last 2-3 weeks). I am no longer a wage slave! You may recall that my father died last year. A few months ago, his estate paid out and my share looks to be enough for me to take at least a few years away from the daily grind of employment, particularly if I move away from London to somewhere that housing is cheaper. In a few years time I will reassess and decide if I need to go back to work again.

My leaving do was actually before Colours, a couple of weeks before I finished work. I got some very nice gifts:

There were also some chocolates (consumed by my team within a week!) and £50 of gift vouchers for Dark Sphere (a FLGS in London). I was pleasantly surprised by the Zhukov memoirs. I wasn't surprised about the Strontium Dog starter set - they had asked if there was anything for gaming that they should look into buying and I suggested that.

In the meantime, I'll be resting up and enjoying myself for a while. Of course, it does mean that I should be able to churn out a huge amount of painted figures during AHPC9 this winter!
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