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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Green-Red and Red-Blue Regiments #3

After feeling pretty darned good yesterday (my cold seemed to have eased right off), I was brought crashing down today - sore throat, lost voice, aching all over (but particularly around my right shoulder) and somewhat spacey. I have managed to get some painting done though, but have had to take longer breaks than normal.

Done today:

Gloves - for the Red-Blues in Burnt Umber; for the Green-Reds in 50:50 Burnt Umber and Khaki Grey
Hats - for the Red-Blues either Burnt Umber of 50:50 Burnt Umber and Khaki Grey; for the Green-Reds either 50: 50 Burnt Umber and Khaki grey or Khaki Grey with a little Burnt Umber mixed in. They were then lightly dry-brushed with a lighter shade
Belts, scabbards and bags/pouches, base coat on apostles and match cord - Leather Brown for troopers, Black for officers
Apostles - dry-brushed with Tan Yellow
Match cord - thick wash of Ivory

For the troopers this just leaves collars, hat-feathers, stocking ribbons and cuffs (Regimental colour) and sword hilts to do (plus any touchups) before they get their Klear/ink coat.

For the officers there are the above steps, plus some detailing to do.

I might manage to get them finished to the Klear/ink coat tomorrow. Here are some pics in the meantime:


  1. Painting through the pain Tamsin, the boys wouldn't do it and nice work as well!

  2. Well you got quite a bit done even though you was feeling rather rough!

  3. I say you're doing a bang-up job of getting things done. You got in late last night after winning and now your sick, but you still managed to paint. I don't think these men stand a chance against you Tamsin.

  4. Great looking figs, they will look excellent when based together.

  5. Thats the Olympic spirit Tasmin! Breaking through the wall! i particualy like the colour of those green Jackets.

  6. Good progress, hope you feel better soon