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Friday, 3 August 2012

On the Workbench

I've had enough of prepping figures for now - over the last 3 evenings I have prepped four command groups, a unit of Reiters, a unit of dragoons and a unit of artillery for my 30YW army. The camp bits, ambush markers and casualties can wait a while as they aren't essential.

This evening I've been gluing figures to sticks for painting, gluing riders onto horses and adding flagpoles to standard bearers. Oh, and assembling the artillery pieces. Tomorrow I'll be priming them with gesso.

"Why does one of those riders have a green blob on his flagpole hand?"

Ahh, so you spotted that. Errmm, well, you see....during the prep work when I was drilling the hand for the flagpole I had a slight accident and the drill bit burst out through the back of the hand. So, after gluing the flagpole into place I added a little bit of Squadron Green putty to make a new back-of-hand.

I've decided on a small change to my painting schedule - I'm going to do the remaining two 30YW foot regiments - the Red-Blue and the Green-Red. These are both 6-base units for now - at some point I will upgrade them (along with the Blue-Green regiment) to 9 base units. I'll start work on them tomorrow once I've primed the newly-prepped stuff.


  1. Its a very easy thing to do, ruin the hand, I've done that far too many times.

  2. Nice prep.. always the hardest part I find.. getting everything ready to actually paint! Good luck with the next stage!

  3. Prep work is a pain (sometimes literaly, drilling your own hand for instance)

    At least now you have a good run at them


  4. @ Ray - at least it was the figure's hand not mine!

    @ Ian - see my response to Ray ;)

    @ M R Lee - yup, prep does take time, but worth doing well.