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Friday, 24 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Artillery 2nd Batch #3

And they're finished! Two more big guns to commit long range gunpowder-fueled violence upon my enemies!

I did notice when I was reviewing the pics a few hours ago that I'd forgotten to do the stocking ribbons and a couple of the faces needed highlighting as they'd been over-darkened in patches by the Klear/ink. I've now done those corrections.

Looking at what other troops I might want to add to my 30YW army, I've come up with the following "wish list":

2 or 4 more artillery pieces and crews (the Danish list allows 4 medium guns and 2 heavy guns; the German Protestant allies allow 2 more medium guns - BOOMtastic!)
a couple more 6-base pike and shot regiments
extras to upgrade my current 6-base pike and shot regiments to 9-base "later tercios"
1 or 2 shot-only regiments
2 or 3 more cuirassier regiments (the Danish list allows 3 Danish cuirassier units, 2 German mercenary cuirassier units and another 2 if I take German Protestant Allies - that's a lot of heavy-duty cavalry, but there's no way you could take all of it even at 900pts due to the minima for other troop types)
some halberdiers for units of Danish marines.

None of these are immediate needs. I still need to clear more of my leadpile (the Scythians may be looking accusingly at me, but they're in a drawer so I can't tell) and next purchases will be the figures I need to complete my Swiss.

I've made a start on the dragoons and the reiters - I'll do a WIP post later on.