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Monday, 6 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Green-Red and Red-Blue Regiments #2

Quite a bit of progress today -

armour and musket barrels dry-brushed with Oily Steel last night
pike shafts, musket stocks and flagpoles painted with Mahogany Brown
stockings painted with Green Grey
shoes and boots painted with Black Grey
ground colour on bases painted with Flat Earth
faces and bare hands painted with Flesh Base
hair painted with either German Camo Pale Brown or German Camo Medium Brown
troopers' breeches painted with either German Camo Pale Brown or German Camo Medium Brown
officers' breeches painted with Hull Red (Red-Blue regiment) or German Dark Green (Green-Red regiment)

I'm going to try to get the jackets painted before I go to bed - Flat Green for the Green-Red regiment and Vermillion for the Red-Blue regiment.

I'm probably not going to get any painting done tomorrow evening - I'm heading along to the club to play Saga.

I'm also going to have to pop into Argos on the way home from work on Tuesday - the transformer casing of one of my desk lamps decided to fracture.


  1. The paint machine strikes again, well done Tamsin!

  2. Look forward to seeing how these two turn out. I realy liked the Green/Blue regiment.

  3. @ Ray - as always, you're a fine one to talk about painting machines! ;)

    @ David - I'm hoping they turn out as well as the previous foot regiments, which have all been pretty darned good. I actually preferred the Red-Green unit to the Green-Blue. Maybe it was the extra "fluff" that ended up surrounding the "Yuletiders"?