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Saturday, 11 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Green-Red and Red-Blue Regiments #6; On The Workbench

And they are finished! That's all my 30YW foot done for now (I'll eventually be upgrading the three 6-base regiments to 9-base ones and maybe adding some musket-only units to the army).

Last night they got glued onto bases and basing gunk added. This afternoon I dry-brushed the gunk, sprayed them with matt varnish and then flocked them. I haven't tufted them - when I checked my box-file I spotted that the first 3 regiments I'd painted hadn't been tufted. I may do tufting of them all tomorrow afternoon.

So, the pics:

Oh, the perils of the close-up! It my be not so obvious here, but if you enlarge this pic you'll see that the Colonel's forehead has some pretty big "pockmarks". I'm not going to do anything about it - I think they actually add a little bit of character to him.

I'm not sure how, but this regiment does seem to have somehow gained more than the average number of not-very-well-prepped figures - several have VML ("visible mold line").

And now for the two regiments together:

I do like how the darker shades of red and green for the breeches look against the brighter jackets colours on the officers. There's a part of me that wants to go back to the first three of regiments I did and go over the breeches of their officers but that would just be too fiddly so I'll leave them.

On The Workbench

This evening I have done the white-wash on the horses of the command groups, dragoons and reiters. I might do the black basecoat for the armour and carbine/pistol barrels before I go to bed. Then, after dry-brushing with Oily Steel and doing a black wash for the cuirassier type armour, I'll do the horse flesh colours & washes and markings in one go, before splitting them off into their separate groups for the rest of the painting.


  1. VML...an annoyance...;-)

    Nice regiments Tamsin! And there' s a particular pleasure when an army is completed...:-)


  2. Really nice. Really inspiring me to do some 30YW or ECW. One day...

    I always find a little bit of VML sneaks through. Probably the last ones you prep - once you're sick of it!

  3. I really like your color combinations. And your painting totals plus workbench confirms that you're a painting machine stuck in high gear!

  4. Nice one Tamsin, the troops look excellent!

  5. Nice looking units Tamsin, mould lines show up way more now we use washes and what we used to be able to get away with before these days we can't. Still the over all effect is much better


  6. Thanks guys!

    @ Ian - yup, washes do tend to make bad prep more visible. Fortunately it isn't that obvious at normal tabletop viewing distance *phew*

  7. Very beautiful! You have a very special painting technique. Congratulations! Hello Alessandro