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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, The Green-Blue Regiment #3

Well, everything is done now for this regiment - matt spray varnished, basing gunk dry-brushed, tufted, flocked. So, here are some pics of the finished regiment, including some close-ups *shudder*

I've somehow managed to paint up 650 points worth of troops, which is plenty for an army as it stands - I just need some command groups to actually use them. Looking through the drawer with the rest of my 30YW lead pile, I've got the following to prep up:

12 mounted figures for command groups
12 Reiters/Harquebusiers
2 field guns
10 dragoons
casualty markers* - 8 horses, 8 riders, 8 musketeers, 8 pikemen
"ambush" markers - 4 herdsmen plus sheep, pigs, goats, chickens
Camp items - 2 wagons (plus 2 draft horses); religious group (altar, priest, 4 monks); farrier, assistant and horse; goods/cargo (barrels, sacks, crates, cannonballs, chests); foot officer figure
22 pistol armed "horse"** (late war) plus 2 mounted standard bearers
9 assorted mounted standard bearers***

* to be used as markers for Cohesion state
** not a priority for painting up right now
*** I might paint up a couple of these to go with the foot officer or on other camp bases

Obviously my priority for prepping and painting are the command groups, and I might as well prep the Reiters, artillery and dragoons as well. This will probably keep me occupied for a couple of evenings, then it will be a couple of days for priming (and allowing the gesso to fully cure) before I get to painting them.

In the meantime I do have a few things I can be getting on with as a break from doing prep-work - my Scythians are looking accusingly at me, as are the various SF figures I've started painting (battle bots, space demons, Chewks). I also need to do the basing on my Saga Vikings.


  1. Fantastic looking miniatures!

    What did you use for Matt varnish?

    1. Thanks - glad you like them. I use Humbrol "Hobby Spray" acrylic matt varnish (code = AD6049)

  2. I do like the look of those. Well done!

  3. Another very nice painted battlegroup!!

  4. They look great Tamsin and especially close up!

  5. A great effort Tamsin getting all them figures painting in such a short time!!!

  6. This is really a good looking regiment - and your output is impressive!

  7. 650 points already? Wow, now I'm impressed. Fortunately, I've almost finished my medieval army, so I can start again on my TYW French ;)

  8. Very nice looking regiment. Look forward to seeing the command units especially the standard bearers

  9. Wonderful unit Tamsin. Very impressive looking.

  10. Cheers everyone - I'm pleased with them.

    @ Seb - that's 650 points of troops - add on generals and I could do an 800 point game.
    Your Ecorcheurs have definitely been quick off the block, and mightily impressive results from your new technique. Will you be using it for your 30YW as well?

    @ Brummie - I'll be using removable flags so that I can use them for whatever army I want. Hmmm, I ought to crack on with either buying or making them....

    1. will I use my techniques?

      of course I will ;)

  11. That is a beautiful unit, Tamsin - well done. I always like the look of a beefy pike block amongst the sleeves of shote. I have scads of ECW/30YW in 10mm and your work is making me want to pull it out of storage...

  12. Wow, these are really nice!

    Glad I know about your blog now - I've always liked the look of historicals.

    Now...did I see a label for Vikings?