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Monday, 27 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Blue Reiters #4

And they really are finished - based, gunk dry-brushed, matt spray varnished, tufted (not taking any chances)  and flocked.

So, here they are the final unit of my initial* 30YW army:

* see the rhubarb after the pics

So, having completed all of these guys, I've decided to go ahead and order some more 30YW figures to bulk out the army and allow for more options. The order includes enough cuirassiers to take me up to 6 regiments; enough dragoons for 2 more bases; 2 more artillery pieces and crews; 6 artillery limbers; pikemen and musketeers to make up my three 6-base regiments to 9 bases each; enough musketeers and command figures to make up two 6-base musket-only regiments; and enough "Croat" light horse for 3 regiments. I've been told they should ship next weekend, so they should be with me in time to get some prepped up to take to the TUC with me - probably the musket-only regiments.

I also spotted I was running low on certain sizes of base, so I placed an order for some more, along with some other base sizes I am going to need.


  1. Yes the inevitable tweaks, we only kid ourselves we are finished.

    The unit is nice and striking, hope the tufts help


  2. Very very nice looking unit Tamsin. Excellent work.

  3. Very nice work, Tamsin. Sounds like you'll have lots of treats in the post soon!

  4. Cheers guys!

    @ Ian - Not so much tweaks as giving me more options of which armies I can use them to represent. Adding the musket-only regiments and Croats allows me to use them as Germans, upgrading all the foot to 9 bases allows me to field later tercios (or early tercios by combining 2 regiments) or as Swedish brigades (by dropping 2 musket bases).

    @ Curt - Just realised I'd missed off one of my orders - I've also got some bits and bobs (gabions, hayricks and corn stooks) coming from Timecast. So, even more goodness heading my way :)