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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Commanders #2

After last night's post I did do the shading washes on the horses. As is always the case, this ended up too strong on the white horse, so my first job this evening was to dry-brush with Ivory to re-highlight, followed by a thin wash of ivory to tone down some of the shading in the recesses.

The other bits I did this evening were:
Socks and face markings on the chestnut and black horses (Ivory)
Eyes on the horses (Black Grey)
Ground colour on figure bases (Flat Earth)
Faces and exposed hands of the riders (Flesh Base)
Horse tack - 4 colours used - Black Grey, Red Leather, Leather Brown and Saddle Brown

I also did the saddle cloth (mix of Flat Earth and Bronze) and pistol holsters (Red Leather) on the white horse. I'll do the holsters on the other horses after posting this and may do the saddle cloths.

Later on in the process, the saddle cloths will get coloured borders and the holsters will get some detailing in Bronze or Silver. 

Tomorrow I'll start on the riders - breeches, boots, jackets and gloves. If I get time I'll do hair and hats.

Anyway, it's not text you want, it's pictures.


  1. The thing I admire most here is that you actually paint, night after night. Great job.

  2. And the machine keeps on a rolling. LOL

    Keep it up, they are needed


  3. We don't mind text either Tamsin, nice work on both!

  4. @ AHunt - you've obviously skipped past the days and nights where I haven't painted! ;)
    I do try to paint every night though (unless gaming) as I'm still playing catch-up after all those wasted years away from the hobby - I need armies to play with! :)

    @ Ian - yup, every army needs generals, if only to give the troops someone to grumble about

    @ Fran - cheers. good to know that some of you guys do actually read my ramblings; I'm sure some just skim past it and look at the pretty pics