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Saturday, 4 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Green-Red and Red-Blue Regiments #1; Other 30YW bits

"a'tchoo! Hack! Wheeze!"

I've got a cold which has had me feeling grotty today. Mind you, I haven't let it stop me doing some work:

Prepped figures - now primed with gesso

30YW Foot - these have now received basecoats - Yellow Ochre for larger areas of red; Black for metalwork - and the flags have received their first (and hopefully only, touch-ups excepted) coat. Later on I'll dry-brush the metalwork with Oily Steel.

I'll be doing these two regiments at the same time - it's only 44 figures combined, so not that much effort. I'm not going to rush to get them finished. After these I'll do the command groups - I can't really field all those cuirassiers, reiters, dragoons, foot and artillery without generals to boss them around can I?

So, here's a couple of pics - not much to see at this point.


  1. Keep them coming Tamsin, once you get the officer types all sorted, how about a group shot?


  2. Still, very nice progress Tamsin.

  3. @ Ian - Hmmm, I may need to get a decent size grass mat to take a group shot of the whole army - they won't fit on the boards I've made up

    @ Rodger - thanks!