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Monday, 13 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Commanders

Sorry for not posting yesterday - I was just feeling shattered and didn't feel like painting, so there was nothing to post about.

I've got my first ever game of FoG:R lined up for Monday, so a minor change to plans was needed. I had been planning to do the armour/gun barrels/metallics and horse colours for the commanders, reiters, dragoons and the artillery in one batch and then split them for the rest of the painting. However, I will want my commanders finished for Monday's game so I've decided to focus on them.

This evening I have done the following:

Yellow Ochre basecoat for breeches, jackets, sashes and saddle cloths
Black basecoat for armour, gun barrels and drawn swords
Oily Steel dry-brush for armour, gun barrels and drawn swords
Thin black ink wash over armour
Very thin black-brown ink wash all over to provide deep shading (I could have omitted this step - the next step seems to have covered it)
Thinned down paint basecoats for horse flesh*

*1 horse = Ivory, 2 horses = Pale Bluegrey, 2 horses = Light Grey, 3 horses = Chocolate Brown, 3 horses = Mahogany Brown, 1 horse = Mahogany Brown with a little Iraqi Sand. The horses with Chocolate Brown and Mahogany brown basecoats will be split between chestnuts and blacks when I do the wash-shading step

Before I go to bed tonight I'll do the shading washes on the horses. In the meantime here's a pic:

I should be able to get these done in time, despite not being able to do anything this Thursday - I have my third match in the group stage of the club's Medieval FoG tourney - my Swiss against Simon's Seljuk Turks.


  1. A question if I may, you being part of the most active FoG:R group I am aware of - how many points a side do you find makes for a nice evening game for two players?

    1. Most people at the club play 800pts. For FoG:AM that can be too much and lead to inconclusive games (that's why we use 650pt armies in our tourneys), but I'm told that FoG:R is somewhat more "lethal" so 800pts does give a decent conclusive game in an evening.

  2. Looking forward to how you finish up the horses. Always find them difficult for some reason.

  3. Sursum Corda Tamsin! ;-)

    I' m shattered too in these days...and tomorrow I have to go to dinner with friends and no desire to go...:-(

    I' ll think to my ECW regiments...


  4. I am truly amazed by your output and the quality of it too. You have a shinning example to as all. Good luck with the club torney

  5. Looking forward to your FoG:R battle, I have been basing my 15mm ECW to it and hoping it plays well


  6. Cheers guys!

    @ M R Lee - when I started my Sarmatians I'd never painted horses and was worried. Needlessly as it happened - I found a technique on the web, tried it and found it to be really easy and effective.

    @ Marzio - hope you do enjoy the dinner

    @ Panzerkaput - thanks - barring any surprises I should be through to the second round of the tourney anyway, having won my first 2 games.

    @ Ian - I'll definitely try to take notes and lots of pics. From what I'm told, FoG:R plays a lot better than FoG:AM. I'll let you know.

  7. You've done well with your Swiss army so far Tamisin. Here's wishing them another victory.

  8. Its interesting to see how other players go through the process of choosing horse colours.

  9. Looking good Tamsin, looking forward to seeing them with a little more paint on them.