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Friday, 24 August 2012

Upcoming New Releases From Ground Zero Games

Just got this email from Jon at GZG:

"Hi all,

Six new items are almost ready for sale - just making last couple of
production moulds today, all being well they should all be uploaded
to the store tonight (with pictures!). Three new packs of 15mm
figures (2 for the Crusties plus a new pack of NAC Power Armour) and
three new V15 range 15mm vehicles - all special-purpose variants of
our popular and versatile GAUNTLET II hover APC.

Here's what we have, available for ordering as soon as they are up on
the store:

SG15-X15 Crusty Armoured Heavy Infantry support weapons - 3 each
of 2 different figures, one with heavy railgun/launcher and one with
heavy plasma projector, to give fire support to the Crusty Armoured
Infantry (SG15-X14). Supplied with 6 (optional) separate backpacks.
3.00 GBP inc. VAT (2.50 ex-VAT for non-EU customers) per pack of 6

SG15-X16 Crusty Non-Combatants - 2 each of 4 different figures:
adult carrying large case on back, adult kneeling over box, adult
standing with bundle under arm, juvenile carrying cylinder. The
latter two figures may be used separately OR posed with the juvenile
holding the adult's hand (claw?).
Produced in response to many customer requests, these very versatile
figures can be used in many ways - civilians, refugees, scavengers,
equipment porters/bearers or as additional crew and ammo carriers
for Crusty heavy weapons teams. 3.00 GBP inc. VAT (2.50 ex-VAT for
non-EU customers) per pack of 8 figures.

SG15-A23 NAC Power Armour (new sculpt) Support Weapon Troopers -
2 each of 3 different figures, with rotary autocannon, HAMR
anti-materiel railgun and HVAT missile launcher. Supplied with 6
separate jump packs. 3.00 GBP inc. VAT (2.50 ex-VAT for non-EU
customers) per pack of 6 figures.

V15-82D Gauntlet IIT Hover MICV (turretted version of Gauntlet
APC, with 3 gun options included - twin light autocannon, light
fire-support mortar and plasma cannon). 7.50 GBP inc. VAT (6.25
ex-VAT for non-EU customers) each.

V15-82E Gauntlet IIR Hover FDC/Comms Van (raised-roof version of
Gauntlet APC with comms array, as command post communications van or
Fire Direction Centre for artillery and AA units). 7.50 GBP inc.
VAT (6.25 ex-VAT for non-EU customers) each.

V15-82F Gauntlet IIS Hover Field Ambulance (unarmed, raised-roof
version of Gauntlet APC with rear loading doors). 7.50 GBP inc. VAT
(6.25 ex-VAT for non-EU customers) each.

Thanks for reading - more to come soon!


Jon (GZG)

Nice to see the Crusties getting some new stuff and it is great to see some non-human civvies on the market.


  1. Thank you Tamsin. I am not on Mr Tufneys mailing list so really appreciate the heads up. Cheers Clint

  2. Really interesting!

    In effect Sci-Fi, and 15mm ZG, always tempted me...;-)

    I only have to decide which rules to use. I would prefer something as Crossfire adapted for Sci-Fi.

    BTW...did you digest your 4 pints of beer?...:-P


  3. Putting in an order later and will have a look, thanks Tamsin!

  4. Thank goodness, that's not one of my projects, I thought you were tryingto spend some of my money ;-)