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Monday, 27 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Blue Reiters #3

And they're finished! Well, the painting is.

Last night I did do the dry-brush of metals with Oily Steel. For the helmets and cuirasses I also gave them a thin coat of black ink wash.

I did 2 sessions today. This afternoon I did the horse markings, horse tack, saddle cloths (Dark Prussian Blue), ground colour on bases, faces (Flesh Base), breeches (Field Blue) and jackets (Dark Blue), This is how they looked at that point:

This evening I have managed to do the following:
Facial hair
Scabbards and powder flasks
Sword sash (Dark Prussian Blue)
Metalwork (sword hilts, bridle)
Touch ups

So, here they are before I do the Klear/ink coat. It's too late for me to faff around with basing, so I'll do that in the morning. I should have them tufted and flocked by tomorrow evening.

Another FoG:AM Tournament?

On Friday I received an email from a couple of the guys from the club asking if I'd be willing to be the 3rd person on their team for the Derby tournament at the beginning of October. After my experience at Campaign in May, I'm definitely up for it. Given my track record, I'm guessing they must have been turned down by a few people before they scraped the bottom of the barrel and came to me!

So, the meatheads* shall ride again!!! Onwards to seek unfeasibly huge glasses of Ale**!!

*my Sarmatians/Alans
**a running joke which started with this post 


  1. Looking good! I love the shade of blue you chose for the jackets...