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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Apologies for any drunken incoherence and typos....

....or not as the case may be ,-)

Well, all I can say is "thank goodness I didn't plan to do any painting tonight!". Just as I was about to shut down my computer, my boss asked me if I fancied joining him and a couple of others for a pint. Well, 4 pints of Deuchars IPA, a few shorts and a curry later I'm home and (drunkenly) posting for you.

Results of my first FoG:R match: I lost. Big time. All 3 of my cuirassier units destroyed within a few turns; 2 units of reiters/arquebusiers spending several turns failing to break a FRAGMENTED unit of cuirassiers.

All-in-all, pretty much what I'd expected. The usual f***-ups by me with deployment (still thinking FoG:AM) which messed me up a little in the first few turns; crappy dice when I needed average-or-better dice; blah-di-blah; rhubarb, rhubarb. I'll try to do a proper report tomorrow when I'm sober (I've got plenty of pics which should help to distract you from crappy write-up).

Toodle pip!


  1. Not that bad for an incoherent ramble, perhaps a couple of shots before deployment will next time will provide some laissez faire inspiration!

  2. Have a couple more pints for your men, they fought bravely before dying in battle! Glad you got on the right drunk train to get home.

  3. they are nice
    you like them
    they will win
    bonne chance

  4. That's quite good drunken blogging and I've seen a few!

  5. If you write this well when drunk your not doing it properly (being drunk that is). Have a few more shots to dull the pain of defeat...it works for me!

  6. Well your drunken rambles are far more pointed, polite and coherent than mine :-)

  7. Your drunken ramblings are better than my sober ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I cant even see a keyboard when I am drunk let alone type. Still losing every now and then is god as it makes the winning all the nicer.

  9. 4 pints...wow...I would have fallen asleep...;-)

    if I can say a word...I don' t like cuirassiers since mine don' t fight well too...:-(

    Here getting hotter...


  10. Remember the important safety tip, don't drink and battle!

  11. Excellent work on the drinking!!!

  12. Cheers all! Amazingly I don't seem to have a hangover, but it could be that my cold which started after my post last night is masking it.
    I must say that I'm absolutely stunned by coherence of my ramble.

  13. Just as the other said, a very coherent drunken ramble, I'll have to give that a go myself one day!