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Friday, 24 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Blue Reiters #1; WIP: 30YW Red Dragoons #1

Crikey! 3 posts in a day!

Just a quick WIP post to show what these units have had done so far.

Both units:
Horse basecoats
Manes, tails, cannons, muzzles shaded black for bay horses
Wash shading of horse flesh

Horse markings (socks, blazes)
Saddle cloths
Horse tack
Faces and bare hands
Black undercoat and Oily Steel dry-brush for gun barrels
Yellow Ochre basecoat for flag and sashes

I'm going to leave it there for tonight. Given that it's only 6 foot and 4 riders, I should be able to finish these at least to the point where they are based and gunked tomorrow.


  1. Always some good progress Tamsin. you're a machine girl!

  2. 3 posts in a day!!!!!!!! And all them figures nearly done as well. I'll be sending my stuff up for you to paint soon, you'll be running out of things to paint!!!

  3. So you decided to do both units LOL.

    Good progress


  4. Blimey your getting through the painting at a rate-of-knots! I haven't picked up a brush in weeks (work, holiday, work, lethargy, work, dozing off in front of the TV like an old fart, work, etc) so I'm a tad envious of your discipline!

  5. How do you do it??? Great stuff Tamsin.

  6. @ Fran - I hope you aren't meaning that in a "7 of 9" way ;)

    @ Ray - no way are you sending me your stuff to paint. I've got more than enough in my leadpile as it is, and definitely more on the way!

    @ Ian - only the horse basecoats and washes as it makes sense to do those in larger batches. Now they're done, I'm only working on the dragoons; the reiters will be done afterwards.

    @ Lee - well, you do actually have a life, unlike me! ;)

    @ Rodger - see my reply to Lee!

    Oh - cheers all!

  7. Your sustained progress is a display of true determination! Well done :-)