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Friday, 24 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Artillery 2nd Batch #1

OK, so I didn't post pics before going to work this morning, mainly because my cold has overcome me and I was feverish and all my muscles were stiff and achey. So, I decided to just do a single WIP post this evening.

This was how I left them last night:

As you can see, the guns themselves were pretty much finished at that point; I just needed to touch up the metal.

This evening I've actually managed to finish painting the crews and accessories as well. They've even had their Klear/ink coat and have just been based.

As the gunk is still drying out, I'll do photos in the morning once they've been dry-brushed and matt varnished. Tufting and flocking will probably be done in the evening.

Right now, I'm trying to decide which to paint up next - the dragoons or the reiters? Those are my last two units for the army for now. Then it's the camp pieces, the ambush markers and the casualties for use as cohesion markers. I'd better start prepping them.


  1. Do you ever get a day of rest?

    I really like these. Lots of character and the ammo + gunpowder kegs will be a nice touch for your artillery.

  2. Nice one Tamsin. I like the cannon ball piles, where did you get them from?

  3. Good to see your rolling out the big guns for the next game Tasmin

  4. Nothing like a good kicking to get those brushes moving!! Hope these proove the answer for you. I'd go with the dragoons given the damage the enermy ones did last time (at least these can get in the way!

    Hope the cold backs off some


  5. I do love the artillery; and get well soon.

  6. They're coming along really nicely, Tamsin. I do like the look of painted artillery carriages, especially in wonderful colours like blues and red. Hope the cold clears up soon!

  7. Hope you feel better soon Tamsin. The artillery are coming along very nicely.

  8. Cheers all! Cold's still crappy - hope it clears up over the weekend.

    @ Fran and Ian - the dragoons probably are a bit more useful right now, so I'll go with them next. Should be finished over the weekend.

    @ Monty - every now and then ;)

    @ Ray - you asked me that last time. They're from Donnington

    @ David - yup, big guns are always useful. Need to get a couple more to max out the artillery I can take.

    @ Michael - what's not to love about artillery?

    @ Sidney - painted gun carriages always look good. I'm restricting the bright colours to the wheel spokes though as I think that looks better.

    @ Rodger - they're almost there now - just the flocking to do :)