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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Saga Loutery # who cares?

Given that it is the start of August, we had a surprisingly good turnout at the club this evening - 11 members and 2 visitors.

Gordon and Dave were playing FoG:AM
Michael and Jerry were playing Blitzkrieg Commander in 6mm
The Madaxeman and Phil were playing BKC in 10mm, with Samulus visiting to observe.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room we had 2 tables set up for Saga Loutery. 

Andy, Ian G and a visitor, Ian Marsh of Fighting 15s were on one table and got in two 3-player games - first up was Feast of Crows, second up was a 3-player mash-up of Feast of Crows and Sacred Ground.

Ian M, Geoff and I were on the other table and we managed to get in 2 Feast of Crows scenarios. In the first one, I managed to get completely wiped out by a combination of shooting from Geoff's Norman levies and melee against Ian's Scots. However, Geoff had deployed so far back that by the time he'd got his knights and mounted warriors into range for melee it was too late for him to score many points. Having done considerable damage to Ian's Scots, I somehow managed to squeak into second place.

Out second game was much closer and it was my last activation in the last turn which was the decider - I managed to kill just enough of Geoff's mounted warriors to sneak the win from under Ian's nose.

I'd been trying something a little bit different with my warband composition, which seemed to work quite well. I had my 2 points of Hirdmen combined into a single 8-figure unit along with 2 points of warriors. For the first game I took them as a 4-figure and two 6-figure units; in the second I took them as a 4-figure and 12-figure units. 

Unfortunately I didn't get home in time to do any painting this evening, but I can report that jackets were painted last night, so here are a couple of pics for you:

I'm hoping that will distract you from the lack of pics from this evening's Saga Loutery. What? It didn't? Well - tough luck, I did take my camera but got so caught up in the games that I forgot to take pics.

I should be able to get quite a bit of work done on them tomorrow, then hopefully finish the painting on Wednesday evening. After these, I suppose I had better crack on with my command groups.


  1. Forgot to take pics, really Tamsin!

  2. You just keep on winning those games Tamisin. I think August might even be better for you than July was at this rate.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good night, all in all.

  4. A win and a second, well if the price for that is no picsthen I guess you will take it LOL


  5. It does sound like a great nights gaming!!!

  6. I also forgot to take pics - gutted I couldn't record by burning Shermans. Alas it will be a dull AAR!