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Friday, 10 August 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Green-Red and Red-Blue Regiments #4

I didn't do any painting yesterday (hence the lack of post) and not a lot this evening as I've been feeling pretty lethargic. This evening I got the following done on the two units:

Collars, hat feathers, drum skins and side ropes, officers' trim - Off White
Stocking ribbons, sashes, troopers' cuffs - Vermillion for Green-Red regiment; Dark Blue for Red-Blue regiment

This leaves me with the metalwork details and touch ups to do tomorrow evening before giving them their Klear/ink coat and basing them.

To make up for not posting yesterday, I've included some close-up shots:

I did do a bit of plotting and planning last night - working out what additional figures I need to buy to complete my Medieval Swiss army. I'm going to go for a final army consisting of 48 bases of pikes, 12 bases of halberdiers, 20 bases of crossbowmen, 20 bases of handgunners, 4 bases of mounted crossbowmen, 2 bases of light artillery, 8 bases of "enfants perdu" and 4 foot command bases (plus my Lorraine contingent - 8 bases of knights and a knightly command base).

I'm also a little bit peeved. Last September I went to Colours, which was my first ever wargames show. I was planning to go again this year but spotted the date this afternoon - 8 and 9 September. Drat! I can't go. I'll be down in Brighton as part of my union's delegation at the TUC Congress. Grrrr!


  1. We haven't been to Colours since we went to the new location and Ray didn't like it so we haven't gone since, that's good close up work Tamsin, are you a shop steward?

    1. As a venue, I thought it was pretty good although a little bit of a PITA to get to on the train (well, that's more down to [lack of] frequency of trains).

      Yup, I'm a shop steward and Branch Secretary and have been on various regional and national committees (including the TUC LGBT Committee) over the past few years. This is my 3rd or 4th time as a TUC delegate - going to take some figures with me to paint while sitting in the hall.

  2. Nice looking figures Tamsin. Sometimes I have one those lethargic them moments like now, when I really can't be arsed to paint these bloody figures in front of me!!

  3. I think Colours is far better at Newbury Racecourse than it was at the Hexagon. The only way to get around the Hexagon was with a crab like shuffle whilst in the appropriate traffic-flow of wargamers. This was not easy given the cases of 'Wargamers belly' one had to slalom around...rumour has it that our olympic canoeists practised there (without canoes). The heat there was horrific too but at least it added atmosphere to the Western Desert games :-)

    I would say that driving to the racecourse on a Saturday through Newbury is so painful that should we have a future Spanish Inquisition, it would be one of the adopted torture methods.

    Just to add...take your own food and nibble it in the car in the car park...you could buy LOTS of figures for the price of a sandwich and a coke at the Grandstand.

    On more plus sides, the occasional waft of horse poo and leather does make one think of purchasing cavalry figures and the nearby location of the battle of Newbury does give one an ECW/Renaissance frame of mind (just check your bag of cavalry horses to make sure it wasn't actually them making the odourous niff!). :-)

  4. ...Just realised after my very late night posting that I forgot to mention the figures...I'm really impressed by them and amazed at how many you get done Tamsin. I'm really into the Pike and Shot era too currently and seeing your excellent figures inspires and reminds me to get my brushes back out. :-)

  5. Good progress, you are allowed to slow down a bit you know


  6. Don' feel bad about breaks.. when you go so fast all the time a break is good.. nice work on these though.. nice and bright for the colors there. Great job!

  7. Cheers guys. I know what part of my problem was with my painting last night - using too large a brush for the collars which meant I had to keep correcting stuff. I probably need to touch up the green in places and check the undersides of hat rims.

    Well, metalwork, touch ups and Klear/ink tonight and basing them if I have time. They should be finished tomorrow, then it's on to the generals.